Thursday, August 23, 2012

Better than any argument....

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that nestle in the Hay & you always helpful Gnomes who are eating way to many apples.... they leave none for my cider!!,

Miss Lamb your Lamb of the Land Farmer here,

Better Than Any Argument Is To Rise At Dawn & Pick Dew Wet Berries In A Cup-
(The Inspiring) -Wendell Berry

Which one do yall like best?:)

Have a lovely day my loves:)


Tilling, Turning & Fall Squash

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet The New Crew:)

Hello my darlin dears, wonderful meadow creatures that linger on still green pecans & you wonderful Gnomes who want me to invest in a cider press...I really do need one:)

Miss Lamb here your lady of the plains and farmer of the fields:)

I would like to introduce the newest editions to Early Bird Acres... 

My new Baby pigs:)!! 

They are all about 6 weeks old, and run the gammit in breeds... I was excited to try out the land raiser breed :) & had the pleasure of hearing a story from my Grandma about how they used to raise Poland Pigs & how she loved them:)

I look forward to sharing their many stories :)

Kisses all around,

Rosemary Crust, baking in kitchen & the man who gave me Chocolates,
Yours Truly,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Among The Wildflowers :)

Hello my darlin dears, wonderful meadow creatures that enjoy rolling amongst the buffalo grass (did I mention I am a meadow creature?:) & you adorable gnomes that also like the tall summer grass and enjoy braiding crowns for Ohio’s head,

Miss Lamb your farming girl of the orchard & young woman with a nest for hair here,

Here at Early Bird Acres, we concentrate on quality over quantity.

Quality of life….. Free range chickens and ducks (often meandering through my side door if you per chance leave it open), Happy sheep and milk cows that wade their way through the pasture, Heritage pigs that happily travel from plot to plot and scratch themselves upon low-hanging hickory trees…

I live a life joined to my art….. Oh art… so important to me… there is no division between my art and my every breath…

Exhaustion is lived out in happiness and a whole-hearted grain that is harvested by hand…

Haha… I had a quick conversation with someone last night about the importance of time and the pastoral factors I apply to a project before I endeavor to grow within them :)
  1. Does it make other people happy?
  2. While I am endeavoring in this project, am I filled with joy most of the time?
  3. Can I apply the word “Whole-hearted” to the project?
  4. Do I get the opportunity to say “Happier than a peach?” more often than not while meandering through that certain meadow…

The foundation of a new series is becoming oh so clear and oh so lovely in my mind… & to answer your question, no… I have not stopped sleepwalking.. & Scary enough, I was woke up in the coral last night by Ohio.. And I was wet head to toe… I think I had tried to get in the water trough… the pond is to far away for me to add that to my conclusion…

Maybe, in my wolf form, I went to the pond with Harold and went for a swim…. Maybe that is why Harold likes me so much… I am his hunting buddy while I sleep…

With that, I would like to introduce to you three new lovely collages that I am offering as a package, or all on their lonesome if you like…

One is a classic from my “Girl Like An Orchard, Orchard Like A Girl” series…

The next is a lovely image concentrating on my pocket watch mini series “How The Morning Works”…

Last, but just as light filled as the rest, is a lovely collage of my most recent captures from the series “A Creature Of Spring, A Girl Who Is A Wolf”..

You ask, “Well Sam Lamb, in what forms are you offering these lovely little creations?”

I will tell you darlin dears:)

First, is in greeting card format

Receive all three mounted on a greeting card, and including an envelope :)

Each image would be a 4x5 and looks wild flower like when lovingly framed in a 5x7 frame or kindly sent or received in the mail, adorned with meadow like words and wandering thoughts:)

…Another option…

Each print is available in print format but of courseJ

…And for a short while, I am offering an 8x10 meadow meandering package..

Get all three images, in 8x10’s, for $50 darlin dears..

Imagine that lovely combo on your cottage walls.. Thick white mattes adorning their forms or simply set the prints on a shelf… they are mounted so they will stand up just fine…

Ehh? <3 font="font">

Or… there is always these new prints to choose from?

In addition, if you are kind enough to share this post, I will send a postcard to your lovely home… the only catch though is that you haft to live in the U.S. of A…

In addition, let me know if you do share it..

I sure as the day do adore you… did you know that?

Violets, Feelings you show in unique ways & Loving me for meadow me my dear,

(I need to go camping…I need cobblestone rivers...& I need a horse that is already broke to herd cattle:)

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kiss Eachother Clean:)

Hello my darlin dears, wonderful meadow creatures that sing from open windows & you hilarious Gnomes who like to widdle life size figures of Chickens in the barn yard and scare me by hiding them in my bed,

Miss Lamb your creature of Spring & Farmer of the fields here,

How about some new art today?:)

.........& here is a behind the scene look:)

She really wanted to sit on them... she tried about 5 times:) it was very comical:)

Have a lovely day!!

Georgia Peach, Wisconsin Winnie & an Oklahoma Darlin,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb