Friday, April 29, 2011

Kind Post by Sleeping At Last

Helloooo my sweet Apricots, Peaches, woodland gnomes & Fellow Meadow creatures,

A send a Bear*Rabbit kiss and hug your way:)

Most recently, one of my good friends, Ryan O'Neal from sleeping at last, posted a very kind mention of the project he helped me with:)

Let me quote a bit for you:)

"in the spring of last year, a good friend of ours named samantha lamb asked me if i'd be willing to write a few short instrumental pieces of music to accompany an upcoming project (which is gorgeous, by the way!) she had been working on, entitled: "the perpetual picnic."

sam is a great friend, a fantastic photographer (she's responsible for many of our press photos, in fact!) and she's an endlessly creative artist who makes really, really beautiful things. needless to say, i gladly accepted the invite and got straight to work.

right around the same time that sam asked me to contribute to her project, the concept of "yearbook" had just begun floating around in my head. we decided to keep the "yearbook" idea quiet for a little while, in order to really think it through before making such a huge commitment... so, when sam's project came along, i figured it'd be as good a time as any to jump head first into writing new music.

"from the ground up" was one of the first pieces i came up with. the version i had sent over to sam was completely instrumental... but very much resembles the overall shape and spirit as it now appears on the "december" EP of "yearbook." as i was writing it though, i had intended to eventually expand on it, with the hopes of using it on "yearbook" collection as a full song, with lyrics... so it was a "two birds with one stone" situation (what a horrible phrase... i like birds.)"

....& Goodness Gracious....the year book project is becoming one of my favorite things in this Sweet Old World:) Just so inspiring and lovely:)

Check it out here:)

You can see the post Right Here if you like:)

.......& of course, the instrumental version of "From The Ground Up" right here:)

I just can not say enough how honored I was to have Ryan create a few songs for my meadow creation.

(I took that capture:)

You are too kind and Dan mean the world and a half (as you know but of course)...I shall see you In C town very soon...& I promise not to bring any clouds:)

Spring, The Dawn, The Day & Sweet Basil

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Lovely Art:)

Hello fellow Gnomes, meadow creatures and Lovers of the morn:)

Miss Lamb here... usual, I have been very very very busy here on the homestead...lots of art, carpentry, gardening, top soil, sweet basil, baking, beer bread, bee keeping, bear rabbit being, Gnome finding and meadow meandering....

But it is spring my loves...

....& that means the trees are putting on their leaves and I am back into the swing of art making:) I am trying to split my time though between art & the farm....give each equal love....but most often, they end up all in the same bountiful basket anyways :)

Here are some new captures that are not even in the store yet:)



"Well Worn Into The Day"

Do you enjoy the captures?:) Do you want to see them in real life and adopt one for your home?:)

You have two lovely options Darlin dears....

#1. I am having a lovely "In Store" on May the 7th (a saturday) at Birdie in Norman, Oklahoma:)

It shall be from 10:30 to Lovely 5:30, and all of the above prints shall be present :) & much more of course...stop by and say hello to me if anything..I would love to see you face and give you a wonderful hug..... I shall also be making ice cream and bringing other baked goods:)

#2. A coupon my loves:)

It is my annual spring coupon time, & I am offering for 3 days, 20% off all prints when you spend over $20 :)

yes.....that print or prints you have put on your Amazon wish-list and look at nearly every other or day or that light filled country scene that you know would make your home feel more like a cottage...this is the time to act on it:)

The sale will last from Monday May 2nd to Wensday May 4th :) The code shall be : bearrabbit

.....all one word:)

...all lower case:)

So....let me know which is your favorite capture in the comments...I would adore that:) & also let me know if I am going to see you in Norman:)

I love you more than words can say darlin dears....I hope the meadow creatures and milk cows hold you tight :)

Cheers, Beards & Civil War Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leaving my mark:)

Hellllooo my Gnomes and Fellow meadow creatures:)

I must say.....I might have had the best Monday & Tuesday ever on the farm:)

An individual by the name of Sweet Basil ( yes....I named my baby cow after him) came out to "Early Bird Acres".... & I could go on and on about how much fun we had...but my fingers would get tired from typing:)

We both really like Topsoil:)

But also, if you noticed the hint above, I got a cow....not just any cow....A MILK COW!!! a lovely Jersey my darlin dears, and her baby in which I named Sweet Basil after the above man who has found his way into my interesting and random life:)

I will miss our time together while milking.....he held the bucket from one side of my milk cow I fondly named "Ohio", and I milked from the other:) & yes I did squirt him in the face with a cow nipple:)

Photos are to come...I promise my loves:)

In other news, just today I was sent the final and lovely version of a very special on which will be applied to packages of art, postcards and Farmers market goods:)

A stamp of me and Harold:)

Goodness gracious I am excited to get this stamp:) it was made my the amazing Kozue :)

I hope you are all well..... & know that I love you each more than you can imagine....I wish you all a light filled and whole-hearted week:)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Novel" The Cottage Owl

Hellooooo my Darlin Dears, Gnomes, Fellow Bear Rabbits & other meadow creatures:)

This Lovely tuesday, when I was meandering over to Gnome Granary to see how the tiny greenhouses and strawberries were doing that live in It's windows, I heard quite a flutter coming from inside....

"What may it be?" I said to myself....

"Is it a rouge Racoon or one of my many farm animals who have become stuck in the cottage? Is it a bear?"

Once I opened wide the dutch doors, to my absolute delight and surprise, I met Novel:)

She was plumb tired I believe....In all of my years of knowing and loving the country, I have never seen a barn owl this close:)

Also, she was still very young.... she was more confused than scared at the sight of me:) Without hesitation, I walked up to her and picked her up, while clasping her wings gingerly...

I first placed her on the bed to make sure she was not hurt, and then fed her some water....I had no mice to give her, and I assume if I would have tried to feed her one of the lovely mice that makes my dresses, they would have rioted, and I would no longer have dresses that twirl at my disposal:)

Novel layed very still on the bed and just stared up at me, blinking her eyes slowly ever so often.....I stretched myself out next to her and tried to ask her "Why are you here?...are you trying to tell me something?"

She hoped up and trotted around on the bed for a bit, and then flew around the room, to again land on the cottage bed:)

Upon deciding that she was healthy and could fly, I bundled her up in my flannel camping jacket and released her into the air just outside of the cottage...

Novel flew around and then swooped back to land on my feet....just crazy!!! I had to keep on reminding myself that I was awake...very awake and alive:)

This brings me to two questions?

A: What does this all mean?

B: What type of meadow creature are you?

after serious and lovely talks with another artist by the name of Sweet Basil, we have decided that we are both Bear Rabbits:)

So....what type and meadow creature are you my loves?:)

....& why did Novel love me so?

Cheers, Beards, Banjos & Ukuleles

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

P.s..... Here are some images you might like for your home my loves:)

"Early Bird Acres"

"Plant Your Suspenders Here"

"Her Horse & Her Favorite Dress"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Cows & Tilled Gardens :)

Helloooo Darlin Dears & Fellow Meadow Creatures (It has been determined I am a Bear Rabbit;),

Do you folks know how much I have to tell you!!:)

Yes, it is spring my loves....& spring for me means many different projects.... not only am I making many diffrent sketches for this coming season, I am working on very elaborate frames....I have simply fallen head over boots for wood grain!!:)

First of all, I am full on gardening :)

If you can note that red machine looking thing off in the back on the left....that is my amazing....AMAZING....tiller:) This capture was taken a good two months ago....this strip of dirt is now adorned with railroad ties and cinder blocks...(the cinder blocks contain carrots....award winning carrots)...

I have this very interesting habit though of looking out my windows and see a plot of yard I want to be a garden, and then simply going and tilling it up:) garden is like a patchwork quilt:)

But I need many veggies and fruit, because I want to be in the farmers market this year:) This is also giving me the lovely excuse to commision the lovely and amazing Kozue to create a rubber stamp of Harold & Me that I can press onto every letter, package or product I grow here on the farm:) Thank you lovely Elsie for letting me know about this glorious artist:) I was going to do one with me & Fred.....but I think I will save that one for later:) precious pup.....has been with me since the start of this endeavor...he has grown with the farm:) Remember when he was little?:)

Now he is all grown up, and I am feeling about the same:)

Yayy for puppies :)

I am also excited about all the new baby cows:)!! these three ladies are all in the family way right now and about to drop their calves:)

Yes...these are full grown many of you know, we raise lowline cattle (miniature cows).....they are very goofy critters:)

...& we love them sooooo very much:)

That is my Dadio in the captures:)

So expecting many a post very soon:) here are a few of the subjects:)

*Edible Flower Gardens

*Interesting ways to plant lettuce:)

*Watercolor Veggies

*The Art Of Bucolic

*What to do with my extra room!!

*The guest Bedroom of peaches:)

*Why my Carrots will beat sweet basil's carrots:)

*Fencing Fencing Fencing !!:)

*A goat anyone?:)

*What type of instrument are you?:)

*Did someone say giant Bunny?

*Why it is important to name your plants after your friends:)

If any of you folks have an area you would like me to cover blog wise, let me know in your comments:)

Stay tuned for next week, when I give away a print!!!:)

Cheers, Beards & Ukuleles

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb