Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Lovely Art:)

Hello fellow Gnomes, meadow creatures and Lovers of the morn:)

Miss Lamb here...

Gosh...as usual, I have been very very very busy here on the homestead...lots of art, carpentry, gardening, top soil, sweet basil, baking, beer bread, bee keeping, bear rabbit being, Gnome finding and meadow meandering....

But it is spring my loves...

....& that means the trees are putting on their leaves and I am back into the swing of art making:) I am trying to split my time though between art & the farm....give each equal love....but most often, they end up all in the same bountiful basket anyways :)

Here are some new captures that are not even in the store yet:)



"Well Worn Into The Day"

Do you enjoy the captures?:) Do you want to see them in real life and adopt one for your home?:)

You have two lovely options Darlin dears....

#1. I am having a lovely "In Store" on May the 7th (a saturday) at Birdie in Norman, Oklahoma:)

It shall be from 10:30 to Lovely 5:30, and all of the above prints shall be present :) & much more of course...stop by and say hello to me if anything..I would love to see you face and give you a wonderful hug..... I shall also be making ice cream and bringing other baked goods:)

#2. A coupon my loves:)

It is my annual spring coupon time, & I am offering for 3 days, 20% off all prints when you spend over $20 :)

yes.....that print or prints you have put on your Amazon wish-list and look at nearly every other or day or that light filled country scene that you know would make your home feel more like a cottage...this is the time to act on it:)

The sale will last from Monday May 2nd to Wensday May 4th :) The code shall be : bearrabbit

.....all one word:)

...all lower case:)

So....let me know which is your favorite capture in the comments...I would adore that:) & also let me know if I am going to see you in Norman:)

I love you more than words can say darlin dears....I hope the meadow creatures and milk cows hold you tight :)

Cheers, Beards & Civil War Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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