Monday, May 30, 2011

Fiber & Animal Welfare Approved :)

My sweet Meadow Creatures, Gnomes in the pasture & the only other Bear Rabbit/ Sweet Basil, whom I love, in this world,

Hello there:)

Things have been trying to thrive here at the farm...I had my first Squash flower blossom this morn:) It was tiny, but it was lovely & yellow:)

...& I am very excited that the garden has managed to be weathered, but has come back that much stronger because of it's hard ships:)

The first day of the farmers market is this Wednesday. I plan on making some cheese cake from scratch (actual cream cheese from my cow Ohio), Amish Friendship bread (Amazing Amish Starter...soooo good), Pumpkin bread from some canned pumpkin from last fall, chocolate chip cookies from scratch, Honey from the mountains, Pecan Pie and a peach pie:)

....if you want it my loves, come to lovely Hobart on Wednesday at 8am:)

Good stuff:)

Soon, I will start in on making Mozzarella :) ooohh so good:)


A few weeks ago, I participated in Fiber Fest in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I can no tell you how much fun I had!!:)

So...thank you to all who came out to the show:)

Especially the lovely Erin Merryweather, who is one of the amazing women who created and helps put on The Girlie Show. She also brought along her hilarious son Flynn :)

If you would like to know more about Fiber Fest, please go here:)


Now...I would like to talk to you about my animals:)

My animals are like family here at Early Bird Acres. They really are....

..& I am glad I finally found a lovely society that can sing about that:)

Animal Welfare Approved :)

They can come to my farm, look around at how I run it, and I can finally show how my animals are treated:) & people shall know what they are getting when they buy a Early Bird Acres product:)

I am going to apply after I get my goats and pigs, so those too can be identified as fellow family members :)


The picture of the day is "Early August With...You" :)

Wish me luck in the next few weeks, and send my plants lots of good thoughts:)

I really do love you:) & just adore the word "Hope"...

Future Picnics, Your Garden and Fennel Plants that speak to the two of us,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My New Farm Hand:)

Hellloooo Meadow Creatures, Darlin Dears, Gnomes & Sweet Basil, whom means more than this sweet old world,

Miss Lamb your Bear Rabbit here,

The summer is coming on....and goodness gracious, things are crazy at the homestead....between the garden, the milking, the watering, the weeding, harvesting honey, soon to be making candles, chickens, baking, Farmers market, doing art, packaging art, art shows, gluing hearts onto mats, & much more...

That is why I am overjoyed I am going to have help:)

My good friend Jake, who is like a little brother who at the same time has a good foot on me, has agreed to help me at early Bird Acres, and that will help me out so much!! He is a very great musician and it will be good to also have someone around to play music with in the evenings :)

He used to keep a show pig or two, and this will help for when I get my pig, which is within a few days. We also plan on raising some heritage turkeys, and this gives me the great opportunity to try a new type of coop:)

I also plan on FINALLY using all of my old windows, and building a mini greenhouse:) I seem to have a knack for growing Herbs from seed:) & I enjoy collecting adorable tiny Terracotta pots to plant them in...... there is something really lovely about a whole greenhouse of Terracotta pots:) Sooo dreamy and whole-hearted :)

Gosh.....the farm really is growing :) We have all kinds of Animals and other lovely things growing, and coming to Fruition :)

I had a very lovely and intense dream last night that I was able to can emotions... as in canning tomatoes or making jam and canning that:) It was very....gosh....well let me just say, I canned all of my emotions :) they all looked very interesting lined up next to one another....

Needless to say, I am writing a poem about it:) & planning a few pictures...


Our picture of the day is "Flour" :)

It is one of my all time favorite captures, and I can not explain to you how much I adore how it looks in a lovely cottage room:) Just breathing all framed in natural pecan or walnut, slightly finished in Bee's wax:)

Well...I wish you all have a lovely day:)

You have no idea how much I love you and adore all that you are :)

Fellow Bear Rabbit, Canning & the joy of roses in mason jars:)

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Basket That Binds

Hello my Darlin Dears.....and Deers....fellow meadow creatures and you sweet basil, whom I love,

It is harvest here at the homestead....right now, my hair is full of chaff and my skin smells of sweet cream and wheat (sweet cream because Ohio kicked the milk bucket right into my face this morn)

I adore baskets....baskets of all kinds.... Especially this basket, and the man who I hope beyond hope is still willing to not only keep it stocked, but hold it for me:)

Folks... not going to lie....nor am I one to ever play games... games are something I play with Harold, as we chase each other through the pasture....or with the ducks, as they patiently wait for me to turn on the sprinkler, because they love sticking their heads into the stream :)

Nor do my dreams ever lie about my emotion....

Here is a dream I had, just the other night, put into a poem :)

It was one the loveliest dreams I have had in all of my sweet old days...

Basically....this certain man brought me a basket of farm goods, and went into detail why he brought each:)

Title: "Nature's Bounty"

On this place of the morn
Meadow given a color of the spirit
Beds prepared with holy words
Light & Sweet
Young tomato leaves made fragrant with touch
Exposure of roots and truth
Trestle with hope
The green finding new heights

You find me on the steps
Dress fallen in spring waves against this place
Spoken for with gentle lions hidden as home
Mane’s always seeking your fingers and complete sighs
A basket to behold, you carry against your suspender chest
Nature’s Bounty…. given with our Harvest

This is Sweet Basil, you say
Picked not only the leaves, but the flowers to
A sauce of magic you make for winter
Warmth given by you
Use the flowers in your candles
The wax of Bee’s to see us through

Carrots I grew, you laugh
Better than any in the county
Planted with your on looking eyes
The Strawberries flourished in their patch
Birds will even let them come to Harvest
They like to sing as you sing, while you bake your fresh fruit pies

A bundle of Giant spinach I give
Grown large as Elephant ears, just to make you laugh
Your friends, the Cottontails of the Meadow
Will end up with more than half

Here I have Lavender
Bundled with the Rosemary that grew by the gate
I never took much note of either
Until our days breathed of each

A pitcher of cream
A jar of honey
Found truly in your glow
Never knowing a heart like yours
Gone to pasture with splendor and my own
Giving color even the soil could not grow

Renaming the flowers with our smiles
Making anew the trees
Both petal and leaf found tucked in your curls
The one’s I bound with wild greens

They lay in the basket next too the peaches
The one’s I fondly named after you
I will only ask you bake me something whole-hearted
Something with a crust of hearts and golden hew
Just let me hold your hand through this Recipe uncharted
Play with the strings of your Apron of homemade blue

Strands of Garlic, you can braid like your Hair
It should carry us well into next spring
Roses and Roses and Roses in mason jars
Not only match your lips, but a promise
A truth sung upon mountains
Our story of found, fondly told by the Stars

A life and a Garden is all we needed
Me the leaf of searching
And you the spring of creation
Nature’s Bounty….
Given with our Harvest


It is most obvious my brain has been in the garden, and with that, my heart more heavy than all the wichita's ....

I have hope....& lot's of it....but it is growing like Potatoes.... showie and green above the ground, but not tested until it is dug up and thrown in the basket....

If this makes any sense, I have dug up the Potatoes, and a man hold's the basket... Our time together is more flowered than any orchard and I believe our smiles have outnumbered the beads of grain in the west field.... but goodness ...

Let's just hope the light filters through....

That there will be a good harvest of Potatoes and a strong and knowing hand to carry them:)

Enjoy all of that above banter, and I apologize for the brain is a pathless stated in my Header:)

Apricots, Canning & you,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, May 23, 2011

Logic, Learning & Carrots :)

Helloooo my sweet Gnomes, Meadow Creatures of the pathless sorts & that Sweet Basil who still has my heart,

Your Farmer Miss Lamb here:)

It is a common fact that within my friends, I often hold up my hair with a Carrot:)

We have a lot of Carrots on the farm, because not only do I, a Bear Rabbit, like to chew on them...but most of the animals here at Early Bird Acres enjoy them:)

I am also currently having a Carrot growing contest with Sweet Basil...I am sure he is going to win.... his carrot stems are already a good half a foot tall...mine have barley broke 4, he is Magic when it comes to growing things in the garden..

But yes... I often wear carrots in my hair, and recently this resulted in a little hair cut:)

I had just gotten started milking Ohio, when I noticed that her attention had strayed from her feed, to something behind me...

Or at least I thought it was behind me...

It actually turns out, it was me...

Not really me though...more of the edible treat holding up my hair:)

I leaned my head back into milking, to only be yanked back by first, Sweet Basil the baby cow ( not sweet basil the human who has my heart)...& then Ohio, who chopped through the carrot and 4 inches of my hair:) Needless to say, I got a free hair cut...

I went and picked up my gardening scissors and shaped up my nest a bit, but it was simply more comical than anything:)

No bother...I will continue to wear Carrots in my hair, except now I shall be leary around my cows:)

If you folks enjoy the capture, it is for sale in my store:) Right here in fact:)

"Spring, Carrots & You"

"Spring, Carrots & You"

We planted our Carrots In Early Spring

Done so with love & hope beyond hope

A growth that was given songs of crisp rain

The love of Top soil and flowered trees

Fruit given and budding into Optimism

Heavey with curved green and light

Never knowing the carrot though

until pulled from unknowing

Giving in to the joy of Harvest

The joy of you


I wish you all a lovely day:)

Caddo, Kiowa & all that clucks with love,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Would you like to spend a lovely morning with Me?:)

My sweet Meadow creatures, Darlin Dears & the Sweet Basil that has my heart,

How are you Today?:)

I am doing lovely, because Harvest is in full swing & I am escaping the homestead tonight to go and see the Amazing Joe Pug:)

Watch a video right here:)

I may have hay in my hair and mud on my boots, but sure as the morning, I shall be there:) I am excited to spend some amazing time with my ladies:) Yes Jenny, Caitlyn & Sam.....that is you:)

But today, I would like to talk to you about something else:)

A lovely class I shall be teaching at Collected Thread in The Plaza district :)

I will be teaching you folks about my approach with creating captures...Weather you are a buisness owner who is looking to create some unique and lovely captures to promote your goods, or a full on love artistic Photographer who wants to shine with the captures you create in your head....

....There is a place for you all...

I will let you in on places I get my creations printed, simple ways to jazz up your captures and the art of sketch book's.... sketch book is more important than you know....

Plus... I will try to let you in on the Sam Lamb technique of looking at life...

I teach a very similar class all across the nation that is called "Obedience To Creativity: The Importance of Acting On our Inspiration"... & I am happier than a peach to introduce a more hands on approach to the class, and meet all of your lovely selves :)

You can sign up for the class right here:)

It will be more than worth it....& I will be making ice-cream and cookies:)

....& did i Mention we will be holding class upon picnic blankets?:)

Gardens, a nest for a human & Peng 33!,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

P.s... I sure do miss you Bear Rabbit...

"Whole-Hearted & More Bear Than Rabbit"

P.S.S....I need your Handkerchiefs :)

First Tomato Of Spring:)

My Darlin Dears, Meadow Creatures, Cookie loving Gnomes & the Sweet Basil I adore,

Hello Love:)

It is getting near the end of May....that means all of those seeds and plants I planted weeks ago, are coming to Fruition:)

The Lovely Early Girl was the first to show her fruit... I nearly swooned when I saw it!!

The Breed of the Tomato is called "Early Girl" and the plant was given to me by Sweet Basil:) I guess it is appropriate that the Early Girl would be the first to bear fruit:) Thank you Sweet Basil for using your magical Gardening powers and willing this plant to bear fruit....I mean, you are my Bear Rabbit after all...

(Folks...sorry about the coded words:) Just know that I am crazy and let it be)

But yes....about half of the Garden survived the hail storm...I need to replant almost all of my canteloupe and squash...& I need to fix my tiller...

...& my truck...

...& the latch in the barn....

...& basically the whole homestead:)


In other cuteness.....

Here is Harold & Cotton for your posing enjoyment :)

I wish you all a lovely week, and wish us luck here at Early Bird Acres during Harvest:) I shall be listening to Iron & Wine while on the Combine :)

Top Soil, Heart Shaped Basket's & a Pepper that wanted to be a Pumpkin,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Milk Cow Ohio:)

Helloooo my sweet Darlin Dears & Basil alike :)

It is Saturday:)

Today....on Saturday the 21st of lovely May, I am going to be taking a cheese making class on a little farm...I will let you folks know how it goes, but for now, let me tell you about the very special cow in my life...

Her name is Ohio:)

Ohio's baby's name is "Sweet Basil"...I named him after a very special person in my life:) you know who you are, and you know how I feel:)

So meet Sweet Basil:)

But yes...I have been making cheese for a long while now...& I am excited to perfect my lovely skills as a cheese maker:) I want to make Mozzarella to go with a certain man's amazing Tomatoes :) heart....Goodness gracious...

...what in this sweet old world am I to do...

I love you...and I send you morning light:)

Top Soil, Sweet Basil & Planting Early Girl in the Early morn

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

More Bear Than Rabbit

Hello yet to be Apricots, Just emerging pumpkins & Sweet Basil,

Life here on the farm...Goodness Gracious...

My farm truck is broken...but I borrowed one in a moment of desperation yesterday, and bundled up my dear Harold and drove to the middle of a field... A field in fact I had never been to...

Here is a series of pictures I took during dinner a few days ago of my sweet pea Harold:)

I sure do adore my Harold:)

We listened to a bit of Otis Redding....Little Walter....Howlin Wolf.... & topped it off with Etta.... The classic heart of the matter songs....

But my day was not done....

I made us Grilled cheeses and packed up some strawberries, and we had a picnic in yet another pasture.... in fact, it was a pasture where I took these captures not 3 days ago... I got stuck in this particular pasture and pelted with hail...but that is life my Darlin Dears...

"More Bear Than Rabbit"

"More Bear Than Rabbit Part II"

"More Bear Than Rabbit Part I"

This idea had been in my sketch book for a while....but I just needed the right day for it:)

Let me know what you think:)

...& if you did not read the lovely blog post from yesterday, do read it now:) I need your help collecting Handkerchiefs :)!!

Did you know that I love you?...Because I do...

Pecan Pie, Beer Bread & a Peach pie covered in a Bunny shaped crust:)

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Handkerchiefs.....sent with Love:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, Canning Crazies & Lovable Bears Rabbit... more bear than Rabbit..

Ooohhhh loves my loves my loves....Life...

As you might have noticed, I have been involving a lot of Handkerchiefs in my recent artwork:)

"...& Then The Strings"

"Blueberry Pie"

"Her Horse & Her Favorite Dress"

Wellllll....this is all part of my newest Installation I am working on called "Bucolic" :)

Now...Here is my lovely request I ask of you...

I need your Handkerchiefs :) & I need a lot of them:)

3,427 To be exact:)

I will be creating a lovely sky with them in fact, in true Sam Lamb form:)

If you know me, than try to hand them off to me when you see me...but if you like...

You can mail them to me:)

I will of course give you or send you a very special gift in return:)

Here is my address, as listed also on my website:)

Early Bird Acres
Samantha Lamb
RR#1 Box 126
Hobart, Ok. 73651

But yes....I will be mentioning this often...very often it might just start invading your random thoughts and I ask of you...

....Send me Your Handkerchiefs because you care.....

"Seasoned Timber"


Pretty Please?

Gosh.....& you can re-post my request on your own blogs, and I will mention it all over my sites:) In order to create the pathless meadow I have in my head, I need your Handkerchiefs.... gosh this is heavy on my heart..

"Whole-Hearted & More Rabbit Than Bear"

You can also make them?:) I am trying to do that too in order to get as many as I need...but the heart that goes into old handkerchiefs is the whole idea of "Bucolic" :)

You my dears.......have a lovely day & I appreciate your kind thoughts & Re-Posting:)

....& if you do re-post, send me an e-mail....

or even if you have any more questions, just holler :) I adore hearing from you:)

Go make some ice cream...

Pancake Strawberry Ice cream, Spring & all that makes me smile

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

"I Saw You As The Day"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whole-Hearted and More Rabbit Than Bear:)

Hellooooo my Darlin Dears, Meadow Creatures & my fellow Bear Rabbit( because there is only one),

Goodness gracious did I start my day on an interesting note..

I surprised a sleeping Racoon in the guest cottage and it slightly scratched me....a love scratch though... no problem...but we scared each other silly:)

It is Spring, and that means my mind is yet again released as a pathless meadow I meander...

In which right now I hope to only loose doubt in, and read books of old under Whole-Hearted trees... what happens when the Gnomes, that have resident here in the meadows and hollows of Early Bird Acres, want nothing but milk for dinner.....I simply set the table and thought it looked lovely:)

the title is "Whole-Hearted & More Rabbit Than Bear" haft to understand the my titles come from the things I love most...the things that make me happiest....the things in this sweet old world that make me feel more Rabbit than Bear:)

I am looking forward to working on my new series called "Bucolic".....& I promise on the morrow to post more about the series, and I have a very special request for you all :)

You have no idea how much I adore you:)

Bernard the Rabbit, Apricots & Top Soil

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Lovely Look book:)

Hello my fruit laden trees, oversized Gnomes and lovable meadow creatures,

Miss Lamb here:)

Earlier this spring I had the awe inspiring opportunity to shoot a look book for the Boutique by the name of Wild Flower in Oklahoma City:) Not only were the models a few of my best friends, I made a few in the process:)

Here is the cover with the Lovely Lauren modeling a dress that I still need:)

The very talented Erin Cooper did all of the designing for the look book...very dreamy:)

You all need to go and check out the look book my loves, and you will see all kinds of my Animals in the captures too....including 3 chickens, fred the donkey, cotton my cat, & two puppies!!:)

Know...that I really do love you:)

Blackberries, Plums & Hidden kind Bunnies

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Here is a capture of Ragamuffin Bear Rabbit me shooting in the lovely Cottage:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Will I Marry A Cowboy or A Farmer?:)

Helloooo my sweet dears, bears & those gnome meadow creatures (me?:)...(You?:)

Check out this oohhhh so kind and lovely Q&A I did for the great duo of Meg & Cale over at Green Couch Design:)

Sooooo sweet they are:)


P.S......Do not forget about my instore this Saturday @ Birdie in Norman:)


Come get some free Ice Cream my loves:) & possibly even some cookies:)

Apricots, Sweet Basil & Lovely Top Soil

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb