Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A dream Is a Wish your Heart makes:)

Helllooooo my Darlin Dears, Lovers of Life, Fellow Gnomes & Woodland creatures,

Your braided and peach loving farmer Miss Lamb here:)

Ooohhhh dreams...fanciful and intense dreams....

Have you ever woken up so wrapped up in a dream, wether good and lovely or sad, and felt a strange truth...

....a truth about thoughts you had been surpressing and had lingered with you not only through the whole of your day, but into the night...?

All day, I had been sketching out ideas for future images...

Of course all images for my future Handkerchief installation :)

The long dream was about a perpetual morning where I was sitting in front of a wheel :)

A Lovely Spinning wheel:)

It was covered in intricate flowers.....not just any flowers though....all flowers that are bound to be future veggies... the light yellow of the Caneloupe flower, the deep oranges of the Pumpkin flower....the pastel purple of the green beans :)

Oohhh so lovely:) that morning...I was set with the task of spinning hay into Honey:)

After all...I do enjoy honey much more than gold:)

This is the resulting Image :)

"Spinning Hay Into Honey"

I tried to create the colors I had dreamed with the Handkerchiefs....

It is lovely how the opacity of the Handkerchiefs can re-create the same effect of a opaque petal against the light:)

I had a lovely time re-creating the lovely image that grew in my brain, as seen in this post:)

( little Bear frolicing through every other image)

My ultimate dream and lovely to create my lovely installation of Handkerchiefs :)

I ooohh so lovingly ask you to send me yours:)

In return of course for a present from little old me:)

In my lovely adventures out to antique stores, I seek out as many as I can, but I still need yours and the ones you just might spot at flea markets and antique stores to allow my dream to come true:)

I haft to be semi mums-the-word when it comes to the installation, so that the lovely scene will be a surprise...but it will sure as the morn be amazing and colorful :)

So yes...if you have Handkerchiefs, please do send them my way:) I need over 3,000 of them my darlin dears...

If you do not have any, keep your eyes pealed, & then lovingly send them my way:)

I would be honored for your help my fellow meadow creatures :)

Here is my address to the lovely farm:)

Early Bird Acres
Samantha Lamb
RR#1 Box 126
Hobart, Ok. 73651

...if you have any other further questions, you are welcome to e-mail little meadow me:)


Do not forget about the sale that is going on until the 5th :)

Order any three print, of any size, and get 25% off your whole order:)

Did you know I love you?:)

Hay Lofts, summer rain and delivering baby horses

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, June 27, 2011

Honey Honey:)

Hellooooo my fellow Meadow Creatures, Lovers of life, Darlin Dears & Woodland Gnomes

Your whole-hearted farmer, with my cow Ohio in tow, Miss Lamb Here

How are you doing my sweet peaches?:)

I have a fear of Time...

Not of time its self.....

....I have a fear of not getting the opportunity of getting all of these fanciful and lovely Ideas out of my head:)

I do not mean all of this in a sad fashion or anything..

Basically, I am very sad when I see very amazing and creative people not acting on what inspiration has given them:) I have seen so many of them in my days of meandering around this sweet old world....

Me....Inspiration often is laced with honey:)

Here are a few examples of some of my Honey captures....

"Harmonicas & Honey"

"Held Lightly"

"Our Family That Worked The Fields In Early Spring"

"That Is Why My Hair Is Gold"

"When The Sun Comes Up"

"All Life At The Base Of A Tree"

"Listening To Words Through Your Breathing"

"Her Horse & Her Favorite Dress"

"More Bear Than Rabbit Part I"

"Seasoned Timber"


In celebration of Inspiration, and all of your lovely homes that abide in either the sweet catacombes of the city or the sweeping hills of the country side.....

I give you a present:)

Choose and adopted any three or more captures on my site, of any size, and get 25% off:)

the sale will last until the 5th of July....which is next Wednesday :)

Today...I haft to do a lot of tending to the garden and a lot of baking for the farmers market :) wish me luck darlin dears:) After all of the cherries I shall be canning today also, I bet my kitchen will look as if I murdered someone...

That is a good way to end a blog post:)

Picnics, Apricots & Pumpkin Blossom Salad,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ooohhh the Lovely Market & My Old Man Friends :)

Hellooooo Darlin dears, Fellow Gnomes & Lovely Meadow Creatures..

Your heart in her hand Farmer Miss Lamb here:)

Every Wensday and Saturday, something magical happens in the Town Square of Hobart, America

....& that is the lovely farmers market:)

One of the highlights of the Farmers market is seeing my old man friends:) They do not mind me calling them my Old Man Friends....that just means I love em like my Grandpa, whom I miss every day:)

Here is one:) I call him Pavil :)

He adored my fresh Blueberry muffins I made from scratch :) He ate one at the market, and then took one down to the Kozy Dinner for breakfast:)

I brought lots of goods to the market...

The honey went faster than my grandmas award winning hotcakes:) I can not tell you what joy I have been getting out of Bee Keeping.... it makes me happier than a peach seeing a bountiful hive that is more than willing to give over it's extra golden honey....I no longer call it "Robbing" the Bees as most keepers do, I call it "Sharing":)

I also had made Beer Bread, Cherry pie with fresh cherries, Amish Friendship Bread and Lemon Bars, because a friends Lemon Tree in Georgia was going crazy, and she sent me a crate in exchange for art:)

My little brother/ farm hand has been doing a great job with Photography, and he took some pictures of my outfit for me:)

....& here is me waving to a truck of Old men I know

My skirt is from Free People, my lovely top is from Dear Creatures and my boots are a flea market find from Austin, Texas my darlin dears:)

....I had borrowed the Coffee Cup from the Kozy Dinner :) I prefer it over styrafoam :)

Then here is me using my Lovely Square....I am a huge fan:) It has helped me more than you can even imagine:)

But yes...the market is always fun:) I get to bake all day Tuesday......(note my nest of hair where woodland creatures often nest)

and gather veggies in the garden:)

...& then make people happy:) Just as I do with my art...


In another request, Send me your Handkerchiefs darlin dears.....It was sooooo amazing to get home from my two days in the city and see that 5 people had sent me Handkerchiefs....such creative packages :)

So yes...send me you hankies, and I will send you something special in the post:)

Did you folks know I love you?

...With the Grass As A Blanket
I awoke at first glow
Rising with my arms of Morning
The ground would not let me go..

Beards, waking up and knowing of the lovely glowie grace and truth

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

The capture of the day is:

"Nebula Known Part III"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Turning Hay Into Honey:)

Hellooo My meadow Creatures, Darlin Dears, Fellow Gnomes of the Forest & Sweet Basil, whom needs to take me to Montana as promised (you promised <3)

Miss Lamb your light filled Farmer here:)

A morn ago or so, I had lovely inspiration tugging at my spinning skirt..

It led my to the Barn yard:)

....of course Bear had to come along:)

He was briefly scared of the Bull, so he hid under my skirt:)

Then he froliced right through my images:)

He pretty much was everywhere :)

You really can not help but hug him:)

Here is my farm hand Jake giving him a big hug:)

But yes...I am excited to see how the captures turn out:) At least I had a lovely time lounging around in the hay:)

Be on the look out for the finished product very soon my loves:)

As a reminder, the class I am teaching at Collected thread is Tomorrow!!:) You can still sign up right here my darlin dears :) Read about what we are going to be learning in this post right here:)

The capture of the day is:)

"Thoughtful Circles Around 7"

Camping, Salmon Fishing & Evenings in the Top Soil

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Blossom & A Bloom:)..& a Goat named Bear:)

Hellooo Darlin Dears, Fellow Gnomes, Meadow Creatures & Sweet Basil, whom I would like to go fishing with,

Miss Lamb your local bee keeper and meadow meander-er here:)

Ooohhhh the garden....look at these amazing Pumpkin Blossoms :)

I have been baking cheese in them, and putting them is Salads :) Sooo Good:)

Then we have our First Cantaloupe of Summer:)

And dozens of mini ones forming Daily:)!! Soooo lovely...

...& some peaches...just a few more weeks:) They shall be canned into Jelly..

Then...We have my little Potato Stealer :)

I caught him Red Potato handed :) Ooohhh Bear...

He is spoiled..that is for sure...

Note the milk mouth :)

Well...I plan on enjoying my first days of Summer:) I plan on wearing roses in my hair, lillies on the breast of my dresses and Pumpkin Blossoms behind my ears:)

Did you know.... I love you ?:)

Montana, Almond Milk (South Dakota) & all that makes me smile

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

P.s... The Photo of the day:)

"Can A Picnic Balance On Your Limb My Dear Tree"

P.S.S....Do sign up for my Photography class I am teaching over at Collected Thread this lovely Saturday..I am even baking goodies...& we are having class on blankets:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Potatoes....& a New Season:)

Oooohhhh my Darlin Dears, Gnomes of the Forest & Fellow Meadow creatures.....

& Sweet Basil.....whom laughs because my socks never match...

Hellllooo from your cotton dress adorned farmer Miss Lamb, the Summer Solstice....the longest day of the year.....

If you were given the opportunity to spend the whole of the sweet old day with one single person....Who might that be? What might you do?

Well....I pretended as if it were the Summer Solstice last Thursday, and I spent it with my favorite Rollie Pollie farmer Harvesting potatoes :)

Very early on, we found this Potato :)

Oooohhh what a dream....

Then we found Andy the Potato....

Then a Potato that wanted to be an Apple...

I adore seeing the roots as they are exposed...very magical:)

Wrong season Potato!!

It is a known fact amongst my fellow Agrarians that I love Top Soil:)

I look like an animal in the capture bellow taken by the Rollie Pollie Farmer :)

Yes, I am the only girl in this Sweet Old World that wears white to harvest Potatoes :)

The Rollie Pollie farmer thought I look like I was trying to deliver a baby horse:)

.....& we were given a morning of no wind...which was a miracle in Oklahoma:)

I just can not tell you how much fun I had:)

We even found Potatoes that had given birth to mini Potatoes :)

....& we collected Blackberries :)

Then....I was trying to push down the extra vines in the wheel barrow, so we could roll it over to the chicken run, but it looked like I was trying to make Potato wine:)

One of my hidden talents is spotting green Tomatoes on the vine....& I can not believe he had missed these little guys:)

He had named them, but I forget what those names are... the end....we got a lot of Potatoes.... about 125 pounds and then 100 after I went through I picked out only the best:)

Here are two of the many buckets:)

I promise to post captures of people buying the Potatoes very soon:) They have been selling like hotcakes at the Farmers Market in Hobart:)


....& Just a Reminder, I shall be teaching a class at Collected Thread this Saturday on Photography, and the unique creativity needed to create lovely images.....there is more info in this post:)

...The capture of the day is:)

"Held Lightly"

Taken on one of the best days of my life:) In the blue ridge mountains in fact:)

Old Trucks, Forests and Salmon fishing in Montana,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb