Monday, October 25, 2010

Whole-Hearted and Happier Than A Peach

Hellllooooo Folks☺

Ooohhhh my goodness gracious…what a lovely weekend☺ Not only was Thursday AMAZING because of my best friend Jenny Kress and out antics I can not show you for another week…hehehe….I also had the perfect Saturday & Sunday because my new friend Jordan, who is an amazing musician….& my lovely lovely intern Kati came to the farm☺ In addition, a very kind group of hunters camped out next to my barn and they also were able to enjoy Early Bird Acres☺ I just adore productive weekends!!

Here is a list of what I did:
*Hand Dyed clothes pins with Berries, Flowers & Grass…about 400 of them☺ Thank you for your help Kati!!

*Played California speed and lost horribly (card game..I am slow…I am better at poker☺

*Prepared 100 envelopes for prints☺

*Made up 2 new dishes for my cook book☺ One consisting of Egg noodles, Tomato Bisque & Diced potatoes ☺

*Made tags for my soon to be introduced t-shirts☺ Thank you again Kati☺

*Went antiquing for civil war items for a photo shoot (Good eye Jordan☺

*Cleaned out my wood shop from top to bottom (thank you Jordan…you helped me out more than you know)…

*Made breakfast for my lovely visitors and a hunter or two who was camping at Early Bird Acres☺ Bacon and Sam Lamb’s special eggs☺

*An AMAZING photo shoot near some lovely bails and morning prarie grass☺

*I also saved 3 turtles along my drive from the road…two were upside down towards the middle… I do brake for all turtles & will help when I can…

*Stayed whole-hearted about everything and loved people to the best of my ability…

…I did lots more, but my brain is not all here…Lovely weekend☺

pics to come my loves:)


Last Monday though I had a guest come and stay at the farm for a spell…the fiidle player Daniel….

*He helped me plant my peach trees

(I Patched those darn pants the next day...I also embroidered my name and hearts along the cuff just to be frustrating...oh well..he can roll them up if he wants to hide it around other people)

*He ate my Pumpkin Pie:)

*He took the camera in hand and took a capture of meadow me...note my muddy knee from planting trees...somehow my dress survived the red dirt..but heck..I wear that dress to ride horses:)

(he bought the beer and we used his shoes as a koozie:)

I also have a video of our picnic...sorry about my finger being on the lens most of the time:)

Oooohhh life.... Haaa...


Right now....with my art...with my new to me farm...with my Rosie and Peach young life.... with my whole-hearted ways I try to live... with my determination to give my best to my friends and family....with my work with young kiddos trying to teach them creativity and the joys of life... with the saving of animals..... with truthful ways....with my trusting ways.... with my naive ways... with my broken and then blooming again ways...with my "I shall build an art cottage" ways... with my "I shall be in the farmers market next year" ways... with my beginning bee keeper ways.....with my "I can spin my own honey" ways... with my "I am about to publish my first real novel" ways... with my pastoral ways.... With my "I have a rooster with merricks disease and the rest of my chickens might have it too" ways...with my "I play the banjo and the half size cello horribly and only to my wheat and garden" ways.... with my truly seeing someone for who they really sadly were ways....with hearing someones words but never believing them again ways... with my "I accost tree cutters for their prime wood on the side of the road" ways... for my "I plant peach trees in red dirt while wearing cream lace" ways... with my thankful ways.... with my friendship with my amazing fellow feather in this ink well of a world friend" ways.... with my perpetual picnic ways...

I am happier than a peach.....

Going into this fall and then winter, I hope to #1...not get trapped in my cottage again without food or heat for 2 weeks with Namonia :) #2....Get the dang editing of the novel done...goodness gracious.... #3. Quilt and embroider up a storm:) #4. Prepare the way for my huge garden and makeshift green house:) #5. Still be my Disney self, but don't follow every interesting sound into the Forest that is life...because not everybody and everything is whole-hearted.. #6.Work a lot with my new wood projects:) #7. Learn how to build frames and handles for magnifying glasses:) #8.Go see my oldest friend in the world Matson Contardo upon his return/visit from Africa (we met when we were 13 in the black hills)..i sure do miss him a lot..& I am prouder than a peach of him:) #9.Have more house guests #10.Build a huge wall size book shelf in my house!!:)

I know this most was all over the place, but so are my smiles:)

You my loves...I hope have a lovely day...I send kisses to all of your foreheads :)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My lovely Mud Room:)

Helllloooo Darlin Dears:)

Every house in the south, if you reside on a farm, should have a mud room. When the boys and gals come in covered in all manners of farm goodness, it is the perfect place to remove those particles of clothing before it is tracked into my is a barrier of where the dirt begins and ends:) But I wanted to share with you all my Mud Room:)

....This is the Mudroom as a whole:) it changes a lot according to what art I have and what pieces of furniture are not being used as a display for art:)

....This is the stack of books and honey that seems to perpetually stay on my table...I just grab a book as I walk out the door and the honey stays Readily available to me:)

.......& here is the corner:)

.....but of course you can not have a mudroom without a precious scruffy cute puppy to adore it:)

...& the place holder of my boots:)

So now I also present to you, cute captures of the notorious Rosie and my walk way on the side of the house:)

Ooohhh....& here is one of my favorite Anthropologie finds....i think they should sponsor me actually:)

...& while we are at it, some shots of my laundry line:) My slip, my dress and the classic borrowed flannel shirt...

Last but not least, the bike i just restored and put back together..if you can find me a good vintage metal basket for the front, I would love you forever (not that i already do not) was in 4 or 5 pieces in the old metal barn...this is a very old Schwinn from the 50's...early 50's... I am proud of it so far..there is more to come:)

Well....that was fun....wish me luck on the morrow..i shall be searching for a cheap belt sander:) I need to create:)!!

Cheers, Beards & my good old Schwinn

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress

Hellooooo Darlin Dears:) journey went went like this:

-OKC-Saw all of my lovely friends:)

-Tulsa-Hung out with the lovely Christine & went to the new Anthropologie.... heck yes i was strong though....I just pretended like i left with all of my favorite items:) at least i am getting my christmas wish list ready:) But Christine & Thom are such amazing people...& I look forward to seeing them again during Indie Emporium at the end of the month:)

-St.Louis- I stayed with the amazing Lessings & took pictures of lovely Lori..maybe if she lets me...i shall post them...we had fun running around a farm...& she took me around shopping :) What amazing host they were...we all watched a movie together (my favorite.."Legends Of The Fall") & i taught Lori how to make a famous Sam Lamb apple pie:) We ate it with ice cream:) They also took me to a German Festival...They lived in a lovely house on a seminary campus.....good times all around:)

-Chicago- to all of my Chicago not say "Why did she not call me!!" because i had barley a moment to spare between 2 very very VERY important meetings and a small opening...I miss you all though and I will see you this winter... lovely times to be had:) I did go to my favorite cafe and resteraunt sans people.... I met two old German men...whish i would have had my camera with me:) they were adorable!!

......I drove strait back to Oklahoma and boy was i a tired girl...I have so many project I can not wait to get started on here at the farm.... When I was in Tulsa, I spotted a tree cutting crew working on a huge Oak (that turned out to be infested with black ants)... and Christine and I pulled over to the side of the road so I could inquire on free wood....i had a good feeling about it....& sure enough he had cut down a large Red Cedar that was in perfect condition... it had been dead for about 3 years in some parts and under 1 in others (he said 5 years..but there was a few green branches...ya know what I mean)...anyways...i traveled with this for 4ish days in the back of my vibe... very least I always smelt like a lumber jack:) I plan on using this all for some big projects (secret projects)!!:)

Anyways...i wanted to share with you all the newest coffee table book on the farm...actually it is the Second Edition for "The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress" and goodness gracious do I adore It:)

"The Lovely Cover"

Most all of your favorite images are in the book:) & many more goodies...


I had more fun than you can imagine digging back into my old sketch books and including those in the book:) Plus...lots more creating writing to go along with the Seamstress Astoria & Fisherman Liam:)

My favorite of course was the sea horse in the glass cup:)

But yes...there are over 40 images in the book and some spool captures have never even been seen before:) I recommend you go and check out the whole series on my website and also sip on a cup of coffee while meandering through the book and adopting one for yourself and your own cottage:)

Lovely Lovely:) I am just really excited about this new book and I know you will all adore it:)!!

I am to have a lovely picnic today with a fiddle player and also plant some Peach trees...& continue my search for a cute basket for my bike:)!!

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Autumn Bed:)

Heellllloooo my lovely Darlin Dears...

I wanted to show you my Bed for this fall...I change out my quilts according to the seasons and I was just admiring it today and wanted to share it with you all:)

I recieved the dreamy bedframe for my last Birthday:) It only furthers my dream to be a Disney charachter:)

The two blankets are both partial vintage and partial finished by me....I do enjoy quilting when I get time, but I never really find a spare moment lately with all of the big projects going on:) Lovely things though:)

I adore collecting old dream one day is to have a whole wall of them:) A huge wall:) That will also give me the opportunity to try my hand at shelf building:) Lovely Lovely:)

The pillow was given to me by my amazing friend Jenny Kress, because she is simply THE BEST ever:) She got it at DNA in the Plaza District:) rooster Padawadamie has his appointment on the morrow at the vet....I sure hope this brings him back from whatever drunken like state he is in right now...Ooohhh my fat little Rooster...How I love you:)

I will let you all know how it goes:)

Cheers, Beards & Cellos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Borrowed flanel Shirts & Picnic Tables:)

Heelloooo woodland creatures I call friends:)

Today was an interesting day.....I am trying to get my poor little Rooster Padawadamie into the vet because he needs his talons cliped.... My little tubby boy just does not get around as well as he used to....

About 3 or 4 months ago he was attached by Harold....It was raining outside and Harold was casually sitting next to me...& no sooner could I stop him from busting out the door where it was raining a bucket a drop, did he have Padawadamie by the kneck and was trying to run into the pasture with him...It might be that the rain increased his smell, but who really knows...ya know?

But since then, he was never the same..he lost a good amount of his tail feathers and with that, his balance...I also believe he has a little bit of nerve damage...huhh..... I will try to take some handsome captures of my chubby little man on the morrow:) He is still very pretty though:)


Here.....was my outfit today my loves:)

I braidied my hair...I think I might be braiding my hair a good amount of this winter...I just really enjoy makes me feel like I am back in South Dakota riding a horse and making up names for flowers:) Even though I was supposed to be a nature tour guide....I am sure their are people who think that a Wild Primrose is actually called "The Lady of The Meadow"...oohhh Goodness Gracious....

*The Dress: Anthropologie- I bought this dress nearly 6 years ago, on my first ever trip to Anthropologie :) I bought this dress and some adorable Gold earings that are now broken, but I still have them:)

*Belt- I got this one in Montana at a thrift shop...I was on a road trip by myself...I wanted to see the mountains and no one else would come with me, so I simply packed up my Amelia Eahart suitcase and left:)

*Shirt- It is simply borrowed...& that is that...


So I promised to show you captures of the new Picnic Table... & I must deliver....I need you to help me to decide what color I should paint it:)?

Even butter fell in love with it:) He even tried to hug it:)


But was long but also just as heavey.... In a good way though...very lovely:)

Just know that I love you all & again...I would love to know what color you think I should paint the table:) Just leave it in the comments:)

Cheers, Beards & Borrowed Flannel

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You shall see all that blooms in the spring:)

Helloooooo Darlin Dears:)

So.....Lovely big news I am here to tell...Goodness gracious...I have been thinking about this first bit of big news (Because I have 2 things to tell) for a while:) & here it is:)

I shall not be showing a bit of new artwork until next spring!!!!!

It is all going to be kept a secret for a whole 7 months....I know..crazy.... Just crazy... All of those images and scenes I create shall be kept out of every bodies eyes but mine....& I just know you will love the end result:) !!

When the trees start showing their colors and life has come anew...I shall be showing my newest Instillation called "The Pastoral Series".... a very large instillation...& a very detailed one:) I can tell you this though....these pieces are already forming to be some of my best work and I am beer bread is amazing serious my amazing:)

The elements to the installation are:
*Round Pieces of wood
*Epically huge shadow boxes
*Tiny Worlds
*Laundry Lines

I can not tell you where I am showing yet, because secrets are the best....but I can tell you that I will be showing you snid bits of information through the creation time...& introduce you to the other artists I shall be working with to make this world lovely, epic and inspiring :)


The second bit of news is: "The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress: A Story About The Salt Of The Sea & The Lovely Morning Light" shall be re-released in it's second edition at the end of the month!!!:) Just in time for the Holidays :)

....& I am giving you a preview of the cover:) What do you think?:)

The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress cover of  book
(I bleeds into the side..I just wanted to make it super big for you all to see more:)

This book will contain:
*2 never before seen photos from the series:)
*A antique spool with every book:)
*More commentary on the story behind Astoria & Liam:)
*Amazing sketches from my old creative ideas book from the time when I was creating the series:)

This is very exciting for me..I have always adored this series, & I am happier than a peach to introduce the 2nd Edition of this charming coffee table book that any lover of art might just adore:)

Thank you for reading about this next chapter in my life and I look forward to all the meadows we shall meander through together :)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Monday and that means picnic tables:)

Helllllooooo little bear cubs and brown birds in the trees (which ever you can associate yourself with more?:)

I like going to Lowes....I in fact LOVE going to lowes:) I break out my sketch book and scribble ides in it for new projects around the farm.... I walk through the lumber isles and try to see if i can identify a wood just by it's smell:) I goo over to the 2x2 section and try to find unique squares of birch or oak & such.... nothing like a unique grain to make a day more lovely....& I walk around the greenhouse & look for half prie plants I can bring back to life (I also lust after their day)....But I just find it to be a whole-hearted place where life intwines with hard work and the whole idea of our roots being a homestead onto which we live through and build upon:)

In that same note....I had been staring at their unfinished pine tables now for a long table and they went on sale:) A AMAZING sale because the table I found had defects but nothing i can not fix myself :)

I have yet to take captures of it, but I will once I have finished staining it and such...but yes...I am the proud owner of a picnic table..Yayyy:) Perfect for Autumn coffee looking out at the pasture:)

In other news..... I will be making T-shirts:)
Yap Yap Yap...i have heard your random requests and I am trying to accomplish them:)

They will of course be very fun...Something with Banjo's and Oklahoma and such.... if you have anything special in mind for a t-shirt...I am open for your ideas:) Just thought it would be fun:)

...& of course I haft to involve this guy:)

Yes....he name in Branford and he is supposed to be sideways:) he was created by my friend Asia Cole:) What a little man:)


...& do not forget...I have Zee big news to announce on the morrow...Yikes...Yikes... It should be interesting:) I look forward to sharing with you all

Cheers, Beards & Evergreen

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cute Little Pieces & Collected thread:)

Hello Darlin Dear:)

I am very blessed in the fact that I am able to carry my little creation at a lovely Boutique called Collected Thread:)

In recent light filled days, me and the Gnomes have been busy in the wood shop working on some small pieces for this particular shop:) Very simple, yet very charming. I adored them all so much when I put them in my living room, I almost did not take them to the city:) But, they told me they wanted to see what the city was like and the Gnomes told me we could always work on other creations, so I agreed:)

Here are Zee Peces;)

"All Life At The Base Of A Tree"


"Hanging To Dry"

"Curved Meadows, Cottage Light & You Laying The Length Of Me Part II"

In addition, this piece will also soon be hanging in Collected Thread, I just need to get my mind out of the meadow and bring it to the city, next time I adventure up there:)

"This Is Where The Cottage Shall Grow"


So my dears...adventure over to Collected Thread & tell them I said hello:) I also carry my postcards there...& lovely prints:)

They also have tons of other amazing goods & an adorable pup named Sargent :)

....& Do not forget about my big news I shall be announcing this next Tuesday :) Very intense and lovely:)

I send all of my lovely sunshine your way and know that the world is round...not square:)

Cheers, Beards & Sargent

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb