Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress

Hellooooo Darlin Dears:) journey went went like this:

-OKC-Saw all of my lovely friends:)

-Tulsa-Hung out with the lovely Christine & went to the new Anthropologie.... heck yes i was strong though....I just pretended like i left with all of my favorite items:) at least i am getting my christmas wish list ready:) But Christine & Thom are such amazing people...& I look forward to seeing them again during Indie Emporium at the end of the month:)

-St.Louis- I stayed with the amazing Lessings & took pictures of lovely Lori..maybe if she lets me...i shall post them...we had fun running around a farm...& she took me around shopping :) What amazing host they were...we all watched a movie together (my favorite.."Legends Of The Fall") & i taught Lori how to make a famous Sam Lamb apple pie:) We ate it with ice cream:) They also took me to a German Festival...They lived in a lovely house on a seminary campus.....good times all around:)

-Chicago- to all of my Chicago not say "Why did she not call me!!" because i had barley a moment to spare between 2 very very VERY important meetings and a small opening...I miss you all though and I will see you this winter... lovely times to be had:) I did go to my favorite cafe and resteraunt sans people.... I met two old German men...whish i would have had my camera with me:) they were adorable!!

......I drove strait back to Oklahoma and boy was i a tired girl...I have so many project I can not wait to get started on here at the farm.... When I was in Tulsa, I spotted a tree cutting crew working on a huge Oak (that turned out to be infested with black ants)... and Christine and I pulled over to the side of the road so I could inquire on free wood....i had a good feeling about it....& sure enough he had cut down a large Red Cedar that was in perfect condition... it had been dead for about 3 years in some parts and under 1 in others (he said 5 years..but there was a few green branches...ya know what I mean)...anyways...i traveled with this for 4ish days in the back of my vibe... very least I always smelt like a lumber jack:) I plan on using this all for some big projects (secret projects)!!:)

Anyways...i wanted to share with you all the newest coffee table book on the farm...actually it is the Second Edition for "The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress" and goodness gracious do I adore It:)

"The Lovely Cover"

Most all of your favorite images are in the book:) & many more goodies...


I had more fun than you can imagine digging back into my old sketch books and including those in the book:) Plus...lots more creating writing to go along with the Seamstress Astoria & Fisherman Liam:)

My favorite of course was the sea horse in the glass cup:)

But yes...there are over 40 images in the book and some spool captures have never even been seen before:) I recommend you go and check out the whole series on my website and also sip on a cup of coffee while meandering through the book and adopting one for yourself and your own cottage:)

Lovely Lovely:) I am just really excited about this new book and I know you will all adore it:)!!

I am to have a lovely picnic today with a fiddle player and also plant some Peach trees...& continue my search for a cute basket for my bike:)!!

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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