Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My lovely Mud Room:)

Helllloooo Darlin Dears:)

Every house in the south, if you reside on a farm, should have a mud room. When the boys and gals come in covered in all manners of farm goodness, it is the perfect place to remove those particles of clothing before it is tracked into my cottage....it is a barrier of where the dirt begins and ends:) But I wanted to share with you all my Mud Room:)

....This is the Mudroom as a whole:) it changes a lot according to what art I have and what pieces of furniture are not being used as a display for art:)

....This is the stack of books and honey that seems to perpetually stay on my table...I just grab a book as I walk out the door and the honey stays Readily available to me:)

.......& here is the corner:)

.....but of course you can not have a mudroom without a precious scruffy cute puppy to adore it:)

...& the place holder of my boots:)

So now I also present to you, cute captures of the notorious Rosie and my walk way on the side of the house:)

Ooohhh....& here is one of my favorite Anthropologie finds....i think they should sponsor me actually:)

...& while we are at it, some shots of my laundry line:) My slip, my dress and the classic borrowed flannel shirt...

Last but not least, here...my loves...is the bike i just restored and put back together..if you can find me a good vintage metal basket for the front, I would love you forever (not that i already do not)....it was in 4 or 5 pieces in the old metal barn...this is a very old Schwinn from the 50's...early 50's... I am proud of it so far..there is more to come:)

Well....that was fun....wish me luck on the morrow..i shall be searching for a cheap belt sander:) I need to create:)!!

Cheers, Beards & my good old Schwinn

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Maile said...

What a delightful mudroom! The yellow paint is really lovely.

Also, love the dress. I remember when it came into the anthro I work at, I was in love with it..for some reason I didn't buy it though and I regret that to this day!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Maile-my goodness gracious....you work at an anthro?:)!! i just adore that store....that lovely fawn colored knit dress is my next big purchase..I will not eat for a month, but that is aok:) I got that dress half off:)

Maile said...

That dress will be gorgeous on you!

Yep! I've been there for about 3 years, it's really amazing. When they opened the Tulsa store I actually thought about you because you wear so much Anthro stuff! Is that creepy? Either way, I recognize stuff all the time in your pictures and you wear it well!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Maile- Thank you my dear...that is the one luxury I allow myself :) & no it is not creepy.... I was happier than a peach for it to happen ya know... it is dangerous for me though:)My dream is to have an instillation there:) Holler when you see this dress on sale my dear:)


Maile said...

That would be awesome. I'm sure you can get in contact with corporate (if you haven't already) and send them some of your stuff.

oh and I will let you know! I wish we had it in my store!