Sunday, July 31, 2011

Support Local Farmers:)

Hellooooo my Darlin Dears, fellow meadow creatures that nestle in thick green waves and the wonderful Gnomes who tie Handkerchiefs to my door handles, which means "We want a pie Miss Lamb",

Your rain loving and rain needing farmer here:)

My loves....still no rain...

some people do not understand the extreme seriousness of our drought right has not been this dry since the dust bowl...

My old man club do not even talk about it anymore.... it is considered a ta bu as if saying Voldemorts is something you do not say aloud, but scream in silence as you look into your front yard and see nothing but red dirt...

We did however manage to find some really nice hay from Missouri this last past week... My dadio, my cousin John and myself all got a bit of smells so good but boy howdy was it hard wok to stock that barn...

(That is my dadio on the left)

I need to show you more captures of my farm don't I? Work on the cottage has paused for the moment due to the heat and such....

As most of you know, I adore Handkerchiefs....and in honor of all Farmers and the whole-hearted attempt to produce GOOD food and many other products, I made this lovely graphic:)

I mostly made it as a lovely tag to go on my honey and a few other farm goods...but for the Dust bowl Arts Market coming up at the end of August, I think I might introduce a few limited edition prints of this design and a few other Handkerchief creations:)

What do you guys think?:)

I would really enjoy your feedback:)

But yes....I ask of you to really take in the fact that we as farmers haft to charge slightly more than the chain stores, because of the fact that it is very hard to break even and make a living....and all who are not fortunate enough to run off of well water, haft to water their gardens and such with bought water...& the only reason I bring this up is because I often get people at the farmers market asking me why I charge between $5 & $7 for a melon and $2.50 for a pound of local peaches.... Maybe upon asking those words, I could take out my wand and cast a spell upon them that makes them re-produce all of the work I did to create that single piece of garden bounty :) Then they might get it...

In the true fashion of casting spells and looking like a witch, I am canning a few Tomatoes today and canning some excess cucumbers to make sweet pickles, because I am already out of my first 15 jars:) I always make myself laugh at how my hair curls into lamb like waves all along my neck:) I look like a crazy woman!!


The capture of the day is:

"Morning Light, Seeds & Breaking Bread"

I am looking forward to visiting the lovely folk over at Walnut Creek Farms on the morrow....they are kind enough to welcome me into their home and allow me to work along side of them for a whole day:)

In the mean time, know that I love you folks, & I send a kiss to each of your foreheads:)

Trying to kiss you with toothpaste all over my face, making a meal from my cheese and your mom's sweet pickles and the flowers you give me that mean more than you can imagine,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, July 25, 2011

In The Post:)

Helloooooo my Darlin Dears, Lovers of life, Fellow meadow rabbits and sweet Gnomes that open and read my letters before I even know they arrived,

Miss Lamb your Sasquash loving and coffee drinking Farmer here

Well.....the time has come yet again:)

I am in the process of creating a new set of postcards to represent the lovely state of Oooooooooklahoma!!!!! (where the waving wheat, it sure smells sweet)

.....& I wanted to give you folks the opportunity to throw in your two cents:)

Here is the back that I always use:)

So....I shall now show you a series of the comments, let me know which two or three are your favorite:) What could you imagine getting in the mail to represent Oklahoma in a unique way?:)

"More Bear Than Rabbit"

"Early Bird Acres"

"Just Written Part I"

"Just Written Part II"

"Morning amongst The Known & Sweet"

"This Is Where The Cottage Shall Grow"

"Whole Hearted & More Bear Than Rabbit Part I"

"Spring, Carrots & You"

"Linens Of Green Part II"

"Nebula Known Part III"

"Our Light Is Log Cabins"

"Picnic On Welch Mountain Part I"

"When The Fruit Was In The Vine Part I"


If there are any captures you know of on my site, and want to suggest, please oh please my darlin dear mention those in my comments:) I can not wait to hear what yall have to say and what you think:)

Did you know I love you more than peach trees in full harvest?:)

Naming our children after Herbs, Naming our children after trees & the bunnies they live with in the greenhouse,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I really need for the farm:)

Hellooooooo my Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow creatures & Gnomes whom shall build me a barn in return for cookies,

Miss Lamb your pumpkin pickin and Honey Harvesting farmer here:)

There are a few things that have been in my lovely mind....a few items I honestly NEED for Early Bird Acres & myself:)

#1. I would like a dinner bell for just outside my door:)

Maybe one of these:)

Or this hilarious one....I bet the pig might like it:)

#2. This Adorable Jumper

The other day I was in Shop Good in Okc and fell in love with nearly every item in the store, but namely this Romper:)

I just adored how lovely and light it was:) I do not wear many jumpers..mostly just spring cotton dresses... but this would be different:)

#3. A very large barn with a hay loft:)

I want to sleep in the hay loft above, and look down on my animals

#4. Lovely Milk Goats

I have one goat named bear, but I want to expand my dairy buisness from my cows, to milk goats:) Right now, I just help out a goat dairy...they do hand milking for the most part and goodness gracious can I milk now....I shake hands with these old farmers and they say "Boy howdy got a shake" :)

#5. A lovely glass greenhouse

I know that Oklahoma is prone to hail storms...but you know what...I want a glass greenhouse anyways:) I will probably build mine out of old windows and such, but I am happier than a peach to get started on it:)


There are other things I want of course....raised beds, a huge herb garden with a white cottage fence keeping it all in....a vacation to go salmon fishing in Montana...but it shall just haft to thing at a time:)


In other news, I canned up a storm yesterday and today I sold my sweet pickles at the farmers market...but of course I forgot my camera, but here is a picture with my phone:)

I hope you all have a lovely day darlin dears:) I am going to do some work in the garden and then hopefully go fishing with Harold:) I hope he does not eat my fish this time:)

Making you a peach pie, hidden veggies and pumpkins in July

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Pigs Should Be Sponsored By Oreo Cookies:)

Helloooooo My Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow creatures and Gnomes that try really hard to hug my pigs,

Your cookie baking and Cantaloupe picking Farmer Miss Lamb here,

As many of you know, I have three pigs:)

Stanley, Monroe & Holcomb ...

They are precious, and really enjoy cookies...

Especially Oreo cookies :)

I waited till my pigs were extra muddy, and decided to bring my camera into their pasture:) Frolic with the pigs:)

....& in turn, they got me very muddy:)

They play all day in grass and eat all kinds of natural grains a roots and veggies...

But they will do back flips for cookies:)

They love running at full speed towards me:)

...then they cover you in mud and kisses:)

Overall, I think they are very happy pigs:)

Sometimes, right before I go and take a shower, I go put on a cotton dress and just in the middle of the pigs.....I know I will not be able to do this when they are nearly 300lb...but...for now they like to cuddle and let me scratch their chins:)


Here is a picture of me and my first Cantaloupe :)


The Capture of The Day:

"Peas In A Pod My Dear"

Did you folks know that I love you? I kiss all of your cheeks:)

Marigolds, Purple smiles in the form of flowers & always missing you,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I grew From The Vine

Hellooooo my Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow Creatures & The Gnomes that climb the cherry trees and drop fruit down into my basket,

Miss Lamb your Squash picking and pickle canning farmer here:)

Yesterday I visited a cherry orchard:)

Me and the old men gathered our baskets and headed out towards the mountains...

Behind an unsuspecting Antebellum style white washed house, was no fewer than 20 cherry trees:)

In my mind, I thought Cherry trees were past their prime as far as harvest goes in Oklahoma...

But by some miracle of the bountiful goodness in life, these trees were attached to a magic vein known as irrigation, & for some reason were late in ripening :)

Goodness gracious did I have a lovely time...

I filled up my basket....about 10 pounds:)

I canned some, made some pies, sold them whole in bags & woke up with them growing from my head:)

It was bound to happen really...

I assume that when something makes you so happy, it can manifest it's self in soooooo many magical ways...& in my case, I have been taking on fruit:)

...& dreaming of barns with hay lofts, greenhouses & raised beds;)

At least it works well with my current state of mind, when it comes to art:)


Today was a moment in time when it comes to Early Bird Acres...

I sent my very first cow to slaughter...

His name was Buford the Bull, and when I first got him he was an angry and scared bull..

By this morning, he was eating out of my hand and let me kiss him on the nose:)

It took 5 months yes, but it happened all the same:)

I cried a bit, but I was able to maintain my composer and thanked him for his giving of life and I sent him to the butcher knowing that he had a wonderful and happy life:)

A bit ago, I decided if I was going to be a meat eater in this sweet old world, I wanted to eat my own animals and know that my animals were happy:)

The earth will one day consume us a plane of existence where joy can abound and the circle is unbroken, time is irrelevant :)

I hope you are doing well today....I really do:) & know that I love you and I send a kiss to your sweet forehead :)

The capture of the day is:

"Curved Meadows, Cottage Light & You Laying The Length Of Me"

Sewing your flannel shirt, naming of the north and south & stolen bank tubes,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Cantaloupe Of Summer:)

Helloooo my darlin dears, Gnomes of the Forest & fellow meadow creatures that enjoy nesting in the height of wild flowers,

Your peach loving and pie makin Farmer here Miss Lamb,

Yesterday I enjoyed the bounty of my Garden:)

On lovely Sunday, I crept out to the garden and was observing all of the lovely Cantaloupe in the forest of Melons:)

I was fortunate to discover that the first melon I had spotted at the beginning of the season, was the first to turn and fall off the lovely vine:) Here is a capture of it when it was young:)

...& here is a capture of it on the day I harvested it:) Soooo glorious:)

I honestly went a little overboard....I carried it around the garden for a long while like it was a child....I showed the dogs and corn how lovely it was....I made it a point to show the whole family...& when the mail woman arrived, I brought it out for her to see...

It just smelt sooooo good and looked so had glow to it:)

I shared it with my fellow Bear/Rabbit was so Sweet that it surprised me...we had to walk outside because juice was running all over our faces:)

There are many more melons almost ready in Melon Meadow, & I look forward to making people happy with my Garden:)

...& ya know what....

I never really share my cell phone captures with you folks...

So here are a few fun ones:)

Here is my goat "Bear" hiding under my skirt from the other dogs:) He is a handful:)

Here is a pie I made for the farmers market a few days ago:)

I caught a few of the babes in the garden and snapped this quick capture:)

Here is one of my favorite Gingham dresses and my favorite mirror:)


Here is also some new captures to match the last captures i showed you sweet peas in the last post:)

"It was For Him"

"We Fell Asleep In The Orchard"

Well my loves, I am off to go and pick some late season cherries today and possibly harvest some honey....& bake up a lovely storm of goods for the market.... & make some Mozzarella for all kinds of Darlin Dears...

...Just know, that you are wonderful:)

...& I love you:)

Building a green house to the west of the cottage, Raised beds to the south of my house & you waking up next to me,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb