Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vegtables + Femininity :)

Helloooooo my darlin dears, oh so sweet gnomes of the forest & Fellow meadow creatures,

Miss Lamb your peach picker and Coffee (with Jersey Cream) drinker here,

On Tuesday....I made 7 pies:)

I forgot to to take pictures, because I have never been good at remembering, but the pie baking was succesful & lovely:)

What is also going lovely is the Garden:)

..& with that,I have been taking pictures of my produce:)

(none really have titles yet)

Above is a lovely Squash:)

The whole idea is capturing the garden and femininity in one capture:)

I hope the end product will be 3 seperate collages of vegetables and femininity for a lovely show:)

Here are some pumpkin blossoms:)

I do enjoy the fact that I happen to be a woman, and that is what I need for this project....When I witness the captures in my pathless meadow that is my brain, I know just how the neck should curve.....I know just how the lips should be pursed....I know just how the hair should be curled...

So goodness gracious...I might as well do it myself:)

But yet again....there are moments when you are standing in a pasture and trying to balance a squash on your neck or a Apricot in your hair, and you think..."Really?"

...or better yet, grow carrots from your hair:)

So? What do you guys think? I would love your ideas and thoughts:)


Capture of the day:)

"Better Than A Basket"

Did you folks know I love you over the moon and back to the Morn?

Yours always and Truly,

A Bear, A Rabbit & a wolf that raised me,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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