Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Cantaloupe Of Summer:)

Helloooo my darlin dears, Gnomes of the Forest & fellow meadow creatures that enjoy nesting in the height of wild flowers,

Your peach loving and pie makin Farmer here Miss Lamb,

Yesterday I enjoyed the bounty of my Garden:)

On lovely Sunday, I crept out to the garden and was observing all of the lovely Cantaloupe in the forest of Melons:)

I was fortunate to discover that the first melon I had spotted at the beginning of the season, was the first to turn and fall off the lovely vine:) Here is a capture of it when it was young:)

...& here is a capture of it on the day I harvested it:) Soooo glorious:)

I honestly went a little overboard....I carried it around the garden for a long while like it was a child....I showed the dogs and corn how lovely it was....I made it a point to show the whole family...& when the mail woman arrived, I brought it out for her to see...

It just smelt sooooo good and looked so pretty...it had glow to it:)

I shared it with my fellow Bear/Rabbit yesterday...it was so Sweet that it surprised me...we had to walk outside because juice was running all over our faces:)

There are many more melons almost ready in Melon Meadow, & I look forward to making people happy with my Garden:)

...& ya know what....

I never really share my cell phone captures with you folks...

So here are a few fun ones:)

Here is my goat "Bear" hiding under my skirt from the other dogs:) He is a handful:)

Here is a pie I made for the farmers market a few days ago:)

I caught a few of the babes in the garden and snapped this quick capture:)

Here is one of my favorite Gingham dresses and my favorite mirror:)


Here is also some new captures to match the last captures i showed you sweet peas in the last post:)

"It was For Him"

"We Fell Asleep In The Orchard"

Well my loves, I am off to go and pick some late season cherries today and possibly harvest some honey....& bake up a lovely storm of goods for the market.... & make some Mozzarella for all kinds of Darlin Dears...

...Just know, that you are wonderful:)

...& I love you:)

Building a green house to the west of the cottage, Raised beds to the south of my house & you waking up next to me,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


christine said...

I miss you, lovely lady!!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Christine!!!- you are telling me.... goodness gracious I need some Tulsa time with you:)