Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I grew From The Vine

Hellooooo my Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow Creatures & The Gnomes that climb the cherry trees and drop fruit down into my basket,

Miss Lamb your Squash picking and pickle canning farmer here:)

Yesterday I visited a cherry orchard:)

Me and the old men gathered our baskets and headed out towards the mountains...

Behind an unsuspecting Antebellum style white washed house, was no fewer than 20 cherry trees:)

In my mind, I thought Cherry trees were past their prime as far as harvest goes in Oklahoma...

But by some miracle of the bountiful goodness in life, these trees were attached to a magic vein known as irrigation, & for some reason were late in ripening :)

Goodness gracious did I have a lovely time...

I filled up my basket....about 10 pounds:)

I canned some, made some pies, sold them whole in bags & woke up with them growing from my head:)

It was bound to happen really...

I assume that when something makes you so happy, it can manifest it's self in soooooo many magical ways...& in my case, I have been taking on fruit:)

...& dreaming of barns with hay lofts, greenhouses & raised beds;)

At least it works well with my current state of mind, when it comes to art:)


Today was a moment in time when it comes to Early Bird Acres...

I sent my very first cow to slaughter...

His name was Buford the Bull, and when I first got him he was an angry and scared bull..

By this morning, he was eating out of my hand and let me kiss him on the nose:)

It took 5 months yes, but it happened all the same:)

I cried a bit, but I was able to maintain my composer and thanked him for his giving of life and I sent him to the butcher knowing that he had a wonderful and happy life:)

A bit ago, I decided if I was going to be a meat eater in this sweet old world, I wanted to eat my own animals and know that my animals were happy:)

The earth will one day consume us a plane of existence where joy can abound and the circle is unbroken, time is irrelevant :)

I hope you are doing well today....I really do:) & know that I love you and I send a kiss to your sweet forehead :)

The capture of the day is:

"Curved Meadows, Cottage Light & You Laying The Length Of Me"

Sewing your flannel shirt, naming of the north and south & stolen bank tubes,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Leanne D said...

What a lovely and appropriate post for me to read today. My sons and I were just (last night!) discussing seeing cows and knowing they were headed to slaughter. We discussed the purpose such animals have. I love your attitude. I'm glad your bull had you to raise him.

I'm also glad you got some cherries! Our neighbor's trees did not produce one sour cherry this year. Not sure why...late frost, maybe.

Lovely captures, too!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Ohhhhh Leanne:) Thank you for your comment....isn't it funny how ideas can evince themselves in the most random of places and times?:)

I am glad you like the captures and yes, Oklahoma did have a late got my apricot trees good..