Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Pigs Should Be Sponsored By Oreo Cookies:)

Helloooooo My Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow creatures and Gnomes that try really hard to hug my pigs,

Your cookie baking and Cantaloupe picking Farmer Miss Lamb here,

As many of you know, I have three pigs:)

Stanley, Monroe & Holcomb ...

They are precious, and really enjoy cookies...

Especially Oreo cookies :)

I waited till my pigs were extra muddy, and decided to bring my camera into their pasture:) Frolic with the pigs:)

....& in turn, they got me very muddy:)

They play all day in grass and eat all kinds of natural grains a roots and veggies...

But they will do back flips for cookies:)

They love running at full speed towards me:)

...then they cover you in mud and kisses:)

Overall, I think they are very happy pigs:)

Sometimes, right before I go and take a shower, I go put on a cotton dress and just in the middle of the pigs.....I know I will not be able to do this when they are nearly 300lb...but...for now they like to cuddle and let me scratch their chins:)


Here is a picture of me and my first Cantaloupe :)


The Capture of The Day:

"Peas In A Pod My Dear"

Did you folks know that I love you? I kiss all of your cheeks:)

Marigolds, Purple smiles in the form of flowers & always missing you,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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BohemianSpiritVintage said...

Found it!!! I am so glad you have this! Thanks for sharing your life and photography with us city folk!