Monday, March 21, 2011

For My Side:)

Hello my sweet Darlin dears and peach ladden trees:)

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday. I am currently researching new types of fencing and such for my soon to be goats. I am also adding lovely new art to my website:)

"For My Side Part I"

I had been dreaming of nine pound not ask me why.... maybe because I can appreciate a man who can drive a nail or build a house from the ground up:) Maybe because I adore Charlie Bowman and his enchanting song "Nine Pound Hammer":) I adore Merle Travis's version though...that man can pick his way into my heart boy howdy:)

I am excited about my new captures this spring... I have so many sketches littering my laundry lines I can barley contain myself:)

"For My Side Part II"

Here are some other items that just appeared in the store:)

"Just Written Part I"

"Just Written Part II"

There are many more, But I will save those for another time:)

I wish you all a lovely day and I send more love than a word can contain your way:)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What The Lovely Spring Looks Like:)

Hellooooo my peach blossoms, meadow creatures and fellow Gnome lovers of life:)

Today on my brain, I am trying to figure out what my spring will look like...below is my capture of spring:)

My creative identity is not only me, Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb, but my very creative identity Amelia Mae Eugene.

That is her above...

She lives in a Perpetual Picnic..


Spring is heavy on my mind because almost all of my gardens are planted, I have gotten the aok to use some prime meadow,pasture directly next to my wooden barn that is being rented out to some other kind farmers and you can really feel spring...

In the oncoming air...

The air that takes your life and makes it closer to the ground:)

The question on my lips is, how can I serve my friends and family this spring and what does that look like?

Most of my time will be dedicated to the farm. As many of you know, I do this lovely and bucolic thing called "Early Bird Acres" by myself. A single girl with a pathless meadow:) I am happier than a peach:)

This spring, I will have three milk goats. Also one milk cow. I want a swiss brown. They will be in that pasture land I was talking about earlier in the post. I have been saving up for some wonderful fencing...Wooden Posts....very high woven metal...wooden gates...the lovely works:) No coyotes shall get through this...

I want to have my friends and family out to the farm to enjoy this unexpected granduer :) I will teach them to milk goats and cows. They can ride fred and pet him. Help me garden and pick veggies. Carry my table made of twigs outside into the garden, and eat lovely whole-hearted meals:)

I really try to serve my friends well. I try to stay attentive to their needs and go above and beyond when it comes to helping them:) I bake at every opportunity and try to allow them to see how good a day (or a whole life) can be:) I also appreciate all they do for me:)

The farm allows me to do that in a whole new way:)

So....I look forward to showing you all that happens this spring:)


A question for you all....this is random, I know.....who is getting the I-Pad2?:) I find this I-Pad facinating...

Cheers, Beards & Lovely Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clucking Their Way Into Hearts

My dear Gnomes and Sweet Cream dears:)

Here is some more artwork Darlins:)

These are two of the new Baby chicks....I am very soon going to name all of them...I have barley been able to breathe in between planting and such:) I believe I dug more dirt up yesterday

This is one of the ducks:) I am looking forward to keeping little duckies:) I adore the way they waddle their tails :)

....& of course this little girl...I kept on dreaming of this image, and I am glad I could bring it into reality:)

I am not going to lie... it has been a tough 24hours... I do not know why I do it, but I keep the hardest of things that happen on the farm all to if when scary or bad things happen, if you do not mention them or let them infuse into other peoples memories, they really never happened...

I have lost animals...

I have faced many emotional and physical barriers as if being caught in invisible barbwire around higher hills and richer soil...

My dear and sweet Grandma is in the Hospital... I lost my Grandpa a few years back in the same hospital, and all I can do is pray and send hope above any fertile and thriving hope that she comes back to our farm for the oncoming spring... it is so tough with the elderly, never knowing what seemed so little might be horrible..or just the opposite...

I tried calling one person last night to console me... Just wanting to tell somebody about what is going on in my head and what lay heavy on my heart.... they must have been busy... but then I thought, maybe that is for the best..who wants to listen to me be sad over life and the changing of that...

it was a rough night... I came home from across the pasture after shutting up barns and such... I thought it was our dog buster in the chicken run, but then I saw that buster was right next to me... A coyote had the gull to creep into the chicken run and upon the site of me lunged it's self back over the wire...then buster and harold ran after the Coyote with a chicken in it's mouth....I ran after them both and saw in the distance many glinting eyes of the pack... then I imagined my sweet Harold being attacked by the pack or buster falling to them....I held back buster by the collar and he snapped at me... Harold obeyed with words... So I am down one sweet hen and I was one sad peach....

I did not call my family though, because I was afraid they would say "I Told You So...."

Of course they would feel bad and a bit scared for me, but goodness gracious... I just want to succeed in this life I have choosen, and not be looked at like crazy or a nucence of fanciful thoughts...

I really do not even know what to think...

I am crying right now over my coffee and muddy knees from trying to plant a few more strawberry plants this morn, but it became to windy, & I was eating more dirt than what I was using to plant...

Why cant' t spring be here right now, with the last frost having never come... That would be lovely if the fruit trees kept their blooms....Apricot cobbler and peach pie:)

There will be more chickens and I pray that Grandma will come out of this stronger than when she went in, but it can be so tough.... when you internalise things.... I do this because I feel as if a greater force needs me too... I am a very happy and optomistic person and I strive to always keep that... but gosh... I hate Coyotes ...I hate late freezes... I hate people being sick....& I hate feeling this way...

But I adore hope and knowing that life is good....the simple joy of knowing I have actions and those actions can make a diffrence..

Sorry for getting a bit heavy on you folks today...I just needed to get a few things off my gingham dress:)

I wish you all a lovely day and hold the life around you tight, and feel fortunate you were able to have it at all:)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Monday, March 7, 2011

As Lovely As A Spring Chick:)

Hellooo my sweet Woodland Dears:)

Every Easter, I do a very special print:) This lovely Easter, I am doing a mini series :) May I present to you my loves, my new spring chickens....or at least one for now:)

It's Name is Caddo (we cal him Eskimo too)

The chick would run this way & that....then look at my lens adoringly over it's shoulder....boy can Caddo pose:)

I plan on posting the other captures over the next few days:)

P.s.... Go see some of my new pieces at Cuppies & Joe in OKC:)

I wish you all a lovely day and I send my love and sweet off key singing your way:)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb