Saturday, March 19, 2011

What The Lovely Spring Looks Like:)

Hellooooo my peach blossoms, meadow creatures and fellow Gnome lovers of life:)

Today on my brain, I am trying to figure out what my spring will look like...below is my capture of spring:)

My creative identity is not only me, Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb, but my very creative identity Amelia Mae Eugene.

That is her above...

She lives in a Perpetual Picnic..


Spring is heavy on my mind because almost all of my gardens are planted, I have gotten the aok to use some prime meadow,pasture directly next to my wooden barn that is being rented out to some other kind farmers and you can really feel spring...

In the oncoming air...

The air that takes your life and makes it closer to the ground:)

The question on my lips is, how can I serve my friends and family this spring and what does that look like?

Most of my time will be dedicated to the farm. As many of you know, I do this lovely and bucolic thing called "Early Bird Acres" by myself. A single girl with a pathless meadow:) I am happier than a peach:)

This spring, I will have three milk goats. Also one milk cow. I want a swiss brown. They will be in that pasture land I was talking about earlier in the post. I have been saving up for some wonderful fencing...Wooden Posts....very high woven metal...wooden gates...the lovely works:) No coyotes shall get through this...

I want to have my friends and family out to the farm to enjoy this unexpected granduer :) I will teach them to milk goats and cows. They can ride fred and pet him. Help me garden and pick veggies. Carry my table made of twigs outside into the garden, and eat lovely whole-hearted meals:)

I really try to serve my friends well. I try to stay attentive to their needs and go above and beyond when it comes to helping them:) I bake at every opportunity and try to allow them to see how good a day (or a whole life) can be:) I also appreciate all they do for me:)

The farm allows me to do that in a whole new way:)

So....I look forward to showing you all that happens this spring:)


A question for you all....this is random, I know.....who is getting the I-Pad2?:) I find this I-Pad facinating...

Cheers, Beards & Lovely Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Sara said...

looking forward to visiting Early Bird Acres someday soon!
Hubbs wants me to get an iPad 2 - Considering the age and minimal functionality of my cell phone, this will be a big leap for me. But I do think it could be very useful for work as i re-enter the workforce!
Best wishes to you Miss Lamb.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Hi Sara:)!!

Goodness gracious...we could chat on our I-Pad's :) It gets tough not seeing all of my loves..& this face time might make it better:)

Miss you dearly:)

Enchante' said...

Girly! We are expecting goats and cows this fall, and piglets this spring, I wonder what breed you are getting for the milkers... I favor the Nubians and Saanens and yes that mighty durable fencing will be a necessity:) No one will be saying "ooop, goats are out again" teheee!

so you will be making soap and cheese I gather?
For Farmers Market? You've got my support.

I am so excited to see this on photo-blog! and it will be nice that you are paving the way so incase I've questions I've a "lovely" resource to come too.

Michaela Dawn

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Michaela my dear:)

Nubians are actually where I am leaning towards:) I want at least one with her kid already, and another almost to term:) Babies Babies Babies:)!!

Oohhh gosh I want a pig so bad...we shall see:)

For sure cheese and soap:) I adore both for personal use and it will be lovely to sell it:)

Enchante' said...

Awww Nubies, teheee! I so agree with having the babies too, raise them young to let them get to know you... the funny thing is that I really do not want a buck around, I hear they are bad news... so we've a neighbor who will take any the doe kids and help build a heard, cool beans. When you make soap, I am so willing to claim quite a few from you, perhaps we can trade, hope you put them in your divine shop!

btw: if you had a piglet it would be the most spoilt charming one alive next to Wilbur:)

Ashley Whiteside said...

If you get a Brown Swiss, you have to let me know. That was my first dairy cow growing up, and we had several more. We loved them the most, quite honestly. A truly gentle breed.

Also, we have the ipad 2. My husband is a purebred Apple nerd. ;-)