Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sasquatch likes to hold hands:)...and Pick flowers:)

Heeelloooooo my Darlin Dears, Fellow Gnomes & Meadow creatures who adorn my acres,

your Wendell Berry loving and Fred the donkey petting farmer Miss Lamb here,

A little known fact is that in the meadows, behind my homestead, I believe Sasquatch lives...

It very well is a dream, but ever since I have moved to Early Bird Acres and resurrected this homestead from the forgotten ashes of crumbling barns and worn wood, I often think about having picnics with Bigfoot:)

We collect flowers and hold hands...

In fact, it makes "Harry and the Hendersons" seem real:) I told my friends, the old men, about my thoughts, and they left the movie in my mail box as a gift:)

They think I am quirky...

But the reason I mention all of this, is because I tested out one of my dishes inspired by my large meadow friend, on my other friend named Amy:)

I call it "Sasquash" :)

Polenta slightly grilled in olive oil, and tossed on-top of a bed of fresh sauteed squash :)


It is delicious with a bottle of Mascato :)

Specifically.....this one:)

I could drink my weight in this stuff...

lovely amy was kind enough to bring me 2 bottles of fanciful drink:)

she knows my heart for all things dutch:)

So thank you Amy for that lovely visit and for truly making my day oh so bright...& sorry my pig shook like a dog all over you... Stanley is a handful....

...& now:)

how about some new art folks:)

"A Morning During Peach Harvest"

e-mail me if you are intersted in this is not avaliable on my site yet, but there are a few avalaible for pre-purchase:)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and know that I love you...I love you so much I sing:)

New Apricots, tomato Spotting & me falling asleep on your leg,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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