Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm In The Garden:)

Hellooooo my Darlin Dears, lovely Meadow Creatures & Gnomes of the dappled Forest,

Your, looks as if I wrestled a bear while meandering through the meadow, Farmer Miss Lamb here,

Goodness gracious...the Garden my loves:)

Mine...is turning simply magical :)

Here is a look into what is growing my fellow lovers of green new life..

First of all, I might have gotten a few of my seeds mixed up, or maybe some Gnome planted this magical flowering plant in my garden, but what type of Magic is it ?


Here is something that I know very well, because I actually propagated this particular corn:) Look at this glorius silk:)! It makes me over the moon and back to the morn:)

Then a classic Sweet Corn :)

Ooohhhh the melons....I have over 40 Canteloupe growing in my garden, and at least 3 are almost ready to fall off the vine and eat:)

I have been documenting the lovely life of the above Canteloupe... it has been very exciting to see how fast they grow (probably because I play my cello to them horribly and sing them disney songs in the early morn and then to put them to bed)

Here are the twins...I was worried at first that their fruit was to close on the vine to really thrive, but nature seems to take care of it's self :)

But yes...my pumpkins and canteloupe have gone to meadow :) Under every leaf is a blossom and then fruit:)

....& this.... I believe during the one rain we have had in the last three months, some random squash breeds floated into my melon patch:) So Lovely:)

I love simply turning a leaf and discovering new things:)

Here is some spaghetti Squash :) Their are dozens on the vine...

Thank you for taking a gander at some random garden pics, and remember to love life...because if you look around it is obvious how it aches to love you:)

The Capture of the day is:

"Tosseling In The Waves"

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Today...I am simply glowing:) Today...I am simply happier than a peach:)

Thank you for the fireworks and for your love:)

Peach Pie, a wolf in the forest of strawberries & spotting tomatoes on the vine


Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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