Monday, July 11, 2011

All I Want To Do is go Salmon Fishing:)

Helloooo my Darlin Dears, Fellow lovers of life, Meadow creatures & my sweet Gnomes of the Forest,

Miss Lamb your harvester of Blackberries and farmer here:)

The things we love...

The visions we create and are promised...

I have only ever shared my extreme fascination with Montana with one person in this Sweet Old World:)

This person promised to take me to Montana to go Salmon fishing, which is my ultimate dream..

Why I randomly shared this odd dream I had with this person, I have no idea...maybe because I was happy?

I usually never tell anyone my dreams, I just capture them:)

But yes, at least once a week I have a dream where I am in a amazingly clear stream, with a lovely cobblestone can see a bubbling fountain of rapid in the distance, that sounds like the swaying of laundry on the wind, or muffled words from your love while laying on their chest....

I am there in a cream colored and I have sometimes a fishing pole and sometimes my fly fishing rod (usually a GLoomis or a White River, but I could never afford that brand)..

I am next to a fictional mountain I have now named "Welch Mountain" and just on shore is a picnic, with all of the fixings :) The other week I zoned in on a specific aspect of the picnic, and this is exactly what I saw...exactly:) ..& I feel blessed it came out to be the scene to every inch and breath:)

"Picnic On Welch Mountain"

The three jars are adorned with green pasture grass at their base, and blue handkerchiefs mimic the string I continuously cast against the water...very holy actually...

The point is....I enjoy fishing....& I especially want to go fly fishing or in the least simple fishing, in the summer, in my fateful Montana:) Fishing for Salmon :)

There is also a man there....

I can never really see his face, but he is wearing dark blue jeans and has a white Henley shirt on....with oak colored leather suspenders, with gold buckles, that run across his chest :)

Very dark hair....

...& strange enough, I think I live in Montana in this dream, because often a cottage appears on the bank, where this man is standing in the doorway with a cup of coffee or pine needle tea (I believe, pine needle tea)...& he looks like home:)

Just another day in the pathless meadow that is Sam Lamb's brain :)


The capture of the day:

"Linens Of Green Part II"

Yours always and Truly,

Peaches, their green leaves & the basket you carry on my behalf while we harvest (also a dream I hope to bring to Fruition),

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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