Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Makin Pie:)

Hellloooo my Darlin Dears, Gnomes of the Forest & fellow meadow creatures,

Miss Lamb your blackberry and goat cheese pie makin Farmer here,

Ooohhhh my loves....

It finally rained last night:) For three months we have had nothing, and the clouds seem to taunt me all evening....sleep came, and I fell deeply into it....


Around 3am, I first heard a bit of thunder, followed by that holy sound of summer rain:)

The pasture needed it in the worst way...even if it was only a half an inch, it was welcome:)

When I heard the rain, I fell in love, so I ran outside in my nightgown and fell asleep on top of the picnic table that is underneath the pecan tree,

I awoke to the pups, cats, my goat bear and a single pig named stanley, asleep next to the table,

"Nope....not a dream" I said aloud.

I quickly grabbed a pack of cookies and lured stanley back into his pig pen, and then made breakfast, so I could go sit in the middle of the melon patch and enjoy the rain still clinging to every leaf:)

Today...is Tuesday, which means I will be baking for the farmers market...

I feel in the mood for pies:)

Here is an example of my meadow brain..

I made this for a very special Wolf that lives in a strawberry Forest:)

You know who you are:)

I thought since a wolf usually lives in a forest, it would like trees:)

...I just really like this wolf...and trees:)

I was asked to produce a new profile capture for a show I have coming up in San Fran, and I took a picture under my favorite tree:) The pecan tree I was talking about earlier:)

I feel my age in that picture...26:) Some days I feel 97...sometimes I feel like 7...but in that picture, I felt 26:)

Goodness gracious...be prepared for my post on the morrow...you might just see me with squash growing from the curve of my neck:)
(Random..I know...but it will all make sense :)


Capture of the Day:)

"Goat Cheese & Lavender Laundry"

Just Remember...I love you:)

Gardens, Rain & all that makes me smile,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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