Monday, October 25, 2010

Whole-Hearted and Happier Than A Peach

Hellllooooo Folks☺

Ooohhhh my goodness gracious…what a lovely weekend☺ Not only was Thursday AMAZING because of my best friend Jenny Kress and out antics I can not show you for another week…hehehe….I also had the perfect Saturday & Sunday because my new friend Jordan, who is an amazing musician….& my lovely lovely intern Kati came to the farm☺ In addition, a very kind group of hunters camped out next to my barn and they also were able to enjoy Early Bird Acres☺ I just adore productive weekends!!

Here is a list of what I did:
*Hand Dyed clothes pins with Berries, Flowers & Grass…about 400 of them☺ Thank you for your help Kati!!

*Played California speed and lost horribly (card game..I am slow…I am better at poker☺

*Prepared 100 envelopes for prints☺

*Made up 2 new dishes for my cook book☺ One consisting of Egg noodles, Tomato Bisque & Diced potatoes ☺

*Made tags for my soon to be introduced t-shirts☺ Thank you again Kati☺

*Went antiquing for civil war items for a photo shoot (Good eye Jordan☺

*Cleaned out my wood shop from top to bottom (thank you Jordan…you helped me out more than you know)…

*Made breakfast for my lovely visitors and a hunter or two who was camping at Early Bird Acres☺ Bacon and Sam Lamb’s special eggs☺

*An AMAZING photo shoot near some lovely bails and morning prarie grass☺

*I also saved 3 turtles along my drive from the road…two were upside down towards the middle… I do brake for all turtles & will help when I can…

*Stayed whole-hearted about everything and loved people to the best of my ability…

…I did lots more, but my brain is not all here…Lovely weekend☺

pics to come my loves:)


Last Monday though I had a guest come and stay at the farm for a spell…the fiidle player Daniel….

*He helped me plant my peach trees

(I Patched those darn pants the next day...I also embroidered my name and hearts along the cuff just to be frustrating...oh well..he can roll them up if he wants to hide it around other people)

*He ate my Pumpkin Pie:)

*He took the camera in hand and took a capture of meadow me...note my muddy knee from planting trees...somehow my dress survived the red dirt..but heck..I wear that dress to ride horses:)

(he bought the beer and we used his shoes as a koozie:)

I also have a video of our picnic...sorry about my finger being on the lens most of the time:)

Oooohhh life.... Haaa...


Right now....with my art...with my new to me farm...with my Rosie and Peach young life.... with my whole-hearted ways I try to live... with my determination to give my best to my friends and family....with my work with young kiddos trying to teach them creativity and the joys of life... with the saving of animals..... with truthful ways....with my trusting ways.... with my naive ways... with my broken and then blooming again ways...with my "I shall build an art cottage" ways... with my "I shall be in the farmers market next year" ways... with my beginning bee keeper ways.....with my "I can spin my own honey" ways... with my "I am about to publish my first real novel" ways... with my pastoral ways.... With my "I have a rooster with merricks disease and the rest of my chickens might have it too" ways...with my "I play the banjo and the half size cello horribly and only to my wheat and garden" ways.... with my truly seeing someone for who they really sadly were ways....with hearing someones words but never believing them again ways... with my "I accost tree cutters for their prime wood on the side of the road" ways... for my "I plant peach trees in red dirt while wearing cream lace" ways... with my thankful ways.... with my friendship with my amazing fellow feather in this ink well of a world friend" ways.... with my perpetual picnic ways...

I am happier than a peach.....

Going into this fall and then winter, I hope to #1...not get trapped in my cottage again without food or heat for 2 weeks with Namonia :) #2....Get the dang editing of the novel done...goodness gracious.... #3. Quilt and embroider up a storm:) #4. Prepare the way for my huge garden and makeshift green house:) #5. Still be my Disney self, but don't follow every interesting sound into the Forest that is life...because not everybody and everything is whole-hearted.. #6.Work a lot with my new wood projects:) #7. Learn how to build frames and handles for magnifying glasses:) #8.Go see my oldest friend in the world Matson Contardo upon his return/visit from Africa (we met when we were 13 in the black hills)..i sure do miss him a lot..& I am prouder than a peach of him:) #9.Have more house guests #10.Build a huge wall size book shelf in my house!!:)

I know this most was all over the place, but so are my smiles:)

You my loves...I hope have a lovely day...I send kisses to all of your foreheads :)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Anonymous said...

You have turtles round your way? That surprises me. Thought they were more of a coastal thing.


Maile said...

He's cute and so are you! That cream dress looks amazing!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

He is not all that cute really...& I hope he reads that:) He is just a fiddle player that should feel lucky to spend time with me...

...& the cream dress is my favorite dress of all time..I wear it almost two times a week:)

Erin said...

Samantha Lamb! Hi there, I found your blog from facebook. I'm searching for a pretty frame for my new print. I love it. :) I'm going to need to order a ship one from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sam I have not stopped by here is AGES and I'm leaving with a smile on my face, the way you see life is contagious! I skimmed all your loverly pictures will have to come back when I have time to read. Happy Autumn!