Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ooohhh the Lovely Market & My Old Man Friends :)

Hellooooo Darlin dears, Fellow Gnomes & Lovely Meadow Creatures..

Your heart in her hand Farmer Miss Lamb here:)

Every Wensday and Saturday, something magical happens in the Town Square of Hobart, America

....& that is the lovely farmers market:)

One of the highlights of the Farmers market is seeing my old man friends:) They do not mind me calling them my Old Man Friends....that just means I love em like my Grandpa, whom I miss every day:)

Here is one:) I call him Pavil :)

He adored my fresh Blueberry muffins I made from scratch :) He ate one at the market, and then took one down to the Kozy Dinner for breakfast:)

I brought lots of goods to the market...

The honey went faster than my grandmas award winning hotcakes:) I can not tell you what joy I have been getting out of Bee Keeping.... it makes me happier than a peach seeing a bountiful hive that is more than willing to give over it's extra golden honey....I no longer call it "Robbing" the Bees as most keepers do, I call it "Sharing":)

I also had made Beer Bread, Cherry pie with fresh cherries, Amish Friendship Bread and Lemon Bars, because a friends Lemon Tree in Georgia was going crazy, and she sent me a crate in exchange for art:)

My little brother/ farm hand has been doing a great job with Photography, and he took some pictures of my outfit for me:)

....& here is me waving to a truck of Old men I know

My skirt is from Free People, my lovely top is from Dear Creatures and my boots are a flea market find from Austin, Texas my darlin dears:)

....I had borrowed the Coffee Cup from the Kozy Dinner :) I prefer it over styrafoam :)

Then here is me using my Lovely Square....I am a huge fan:) It has helped me more than you can even imagine:)

But yes...the market is always fun:) I get to bake all day Tuesday......(note my nest of hair where woodland creatures often nest)

and gather veggies in the garden:)

...& then make people happy:) Just as I do with my art...


In another request, Send me your Handkerchiefs darlin dears.....It was sooooo amazing to get home from my two days in the city and see that 5 people had sent me Handkerchiefs....such creative packages :)

So yes...send me you hankies, and I will send you something special in the post:)

Did you folks know I love you?

...With the Grass As A Blanket
I awoke at first glow
Rising with my arms of Morning
The ground would not let me go..

Beards, waking up and knowing of the lovely glowie grace and truth

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

The capture of the day is:

"Nebula Known Part III"


Tess, That'll Do said...

Aww, I have no handkerchief! Is there something else I could send/improvise? :)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Ohhhh Tess:) Maybe you can keep your eyes peeled on my behalf for Handkerchiefs ? Or maybe do a blog post about me needing Handkerchiefs ?:) Ehh?:) Even a bunch of squares of fabric will do... I do a adore care packages:)

Amy said...

Lovely post. I love baking, so a whole day of it sounds heavenly to me :)
Really wishing I had a cherry pie, now! :P

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Amy- Well goodness gracious...just travel to Hobart, Oklahoma and I will bake you one:) Baking is sooo theraputic :) making a perfect crust is better than any therapy:) I am making two pumpkin pies on the morrow:)

The Blogless Sister said...

Keep an eye out for the postman - I am sending a small packaget your way tomorrow. No idea how long it will take on its way across the ocean - a week perhaps??? Really looking forward to seeing what you will make with all those handkerchiefs! :-)


The Blogless Sister said...

*package, not packaget. Although, it does look sort of French, doesn't it? ;-)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

That is very french Tine:) Maybe I will start spelling it like that:) & you my lovely friend should check back later today or on the morrow for a very special post:) I sooooo appreciate your package and I look forward to recieving it:)