Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Art With Sweet Basil:)

Hellloooo my fellow meadow creatures, Gnomes that enjoy my baking and Sweet Basil, whom has my heart,

It is a lovely Sunday here on the farm:) I have my chores done for the morn and the animals fed:)

But goodness gracious is it going to be a busy week:)

This coming friday, from about 10amish to lovely 7pmish, I shall be having a new works mini show at Cuppies and Joe:)

I feel like the luckiest girl in this sweet old world to be the artist for cuppies and joe....simply honored:)

This leads me to talk about a certain person in my life...Sweet Basil:)

We have been doing artwork together...water colors to be exact:)



We did these two together last time he was out at the farm:) It is all stemed from the idea that we have found, we are the only two Bear-Rabbits in this Forest of a world:)

I am glad I found the other...

..& on the piece, is a head of lettuce I drew and colored :)

If you wish to se the piece, do come and see it at the opening next Friday:)

Here are some other pieces my Sweet Basil helped me with:)

"She Grew Radishes In Early Spring"

He held the basket on his head for this one...

..& for this one:)

"A Basket Of Goodness"

All of the greens also came from his garden... I must say...he is the best gardener I know...sooo amazing:)


He made the Apricots Glisten:) & they were on his tree:) I never knew I could feel so amazing while just staring at new apricots:) nor did I know I could have so much fun:)

Oohhh Sweet are such an inspiration to me:)


Let me know if you plan on coming to the art show folks:) If you sing me a disney song, I shall give you a free postcard:)

Harvest, Sweet Basil & Top Soil= you and me,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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