Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A dream Is a Wish your Heart makes:)

Helllooooo my Darlin Dears, Lovers of Life, Fellow Gnomes & Woodland creatures,

Your braided and peach loving farmer Miss Lamb here:)

Ooohhhh dreams...fanciful and intense dreams....

Have you ever woken up so wrapped up in a dream, wether good and lovely or sad, and felt a strange truth...

....a truth about thoughts you had been surpressing and had lingered with you not only through the whole of your day, but into the night...?

All day, I had been sketching out ideas for future images...

Of course all images for my future Handkerchief installation :)

The long dream was about a perpetual morning where I was sitting in front of a wheel :)

A Lovely Spinning wheel:)

It was covered in intricate flowers.....not just any flowers though....all flowers that are bound to be future veggies... the light yellow of the Caneloupe flower, the deep oranges of the Pumpkin flower....the pastel purple of the green beans :)

Oohhh so lovely:) that morning...I was set with the task of spinning hay into Honey:)

After all...I do enjoy honey much more than gold:)

This is the resulting Image :)

"Spinning Hay Into Honey"

I tried to create the colors I had dreamed with the Handkerchiefs....

It is lovely how the opacity of the Handkerchiefs can re-create the same effect of a opaque petal against the light:)

I had a lovely time re-creating the lovely image that grew in my brain, as seen in this post:)

( little Bear frolicing through every other image)

My ultimate dream and lovely to create my lovely installation of Handkerchiefs :)

I ooohh so lovingly ask you to send me yours:)

In return of course for a present from little old me:)

In my lovely adventures out to antique stores, I seek out as many as I can, but I still need yours and the ones you just might spot at flea markets and antique stores to allow my dream to come true:)

I haft to be semi mums-the-word when it comes to the installation, so that the lovely scene will be a surprise...but it will sure as the morn be amazing and colorful :)

So yes...if you have Handkerchiefs, please do send them my way:) I need over 3,000 of them my darlin dears...

If you do not have any, keep your eyes pealed, & then lovingly send them my way:)

I would be honored for your help my fellow meadow creatures :)

Here is my address to the lovely farm:)

Early Bird Acres
Samantha Lamb
RR#1 Box 126
Hobart, Ok. 73651

...if you have any other further questions, you are welcome to e-mail little meadow me:)


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Order any three print, of any size, and get 25% off your whole order:)

Did you know I love you?:)

Hay Lofts, summer rain and delivering baby horses

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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Amy said...

Lovely images! And what a lovely dream :)