Monday, June 20, 2011

New Potatoes....& a New Season:)

Oooohhhh my Darlin Dears, Gnomes of the Forest & Fellow Meadow creatures.....

& Sweet Basil.....whom laughs because my socks never match...

Hellllooo from your cotton dress adorned farmer Miss Lamb, the Summer Solstice....the longest day of the year.....

If you were given the opportunity to spend the whole of the sweet old day with one single person....Who might that be? What might you do?

Well....I pretended as if it were the Summer Solstice last Thursday, and I spent it with my favorite Rollie Pollie farmer Harvesting potatoes :)

Very early on, we found this Potato :)

Oooohhh what a dream....

Then we found Andy the Potato....

Then a Potato that wanted to be an Apple...

I adore seeing the roots as they are exposed...very magical:)

Wrong season Potato!!

It is a known fact amongst my fellow Agrarians that I love Top Soil:)

I look like an animal in the capture bellow taken by the Rollie Pollie Farmer :)

Yes, I am the only girl in this Sweet Old World that wears white to harvest Potatoes :)

The Rollie Pollie farmer thought I look like I was trying to deliver a baby horse:)

.....& we were given a morning of no wind...which was a miracle in Oklahoma:)

I just can not tell you how much fun I had:)

We even found Potatoes that had given birth to mini Potatoes :)

....& we collected Blackberries :)

Then....I was trying to push down the extra vines in the wheel barrow, so we could roll it over to the chicken run, but it looked like I was trying to make Potato wine:)

One of my hidden talents is spotting green Tomatoes on the vine....& I can not believe he had missed these little guys:)

He had named them, but I forget what those names are... the end....we got a lot of Potatoes.... about 125 pounds and then 100 after I went through I picked out only the best:)

Here are two of the many buckets:)

I promise to post captures of people buying the Potatoes very soon:) They have been selling like hotcakes at the Farmers Market in Hobart:)


....& Just a Reminder, I shall be teaching a class at Collected Thread this Saturday on Photography, and the unique creativity needed to create lovely images.....there is more info in this post:)

...The capture of the day is:)

"Held Lightly"

Taken on one of the best days of my life:) In the blue ridge mountains in fact:)

Old Trucks, Forests and Salmon fishing in Montana,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


The Blogless Sister said...

I love your happy posts :-)

PS - my person of choice would be my sister. Not sure exactly what we would do, but baking, gardening and books would be in there somewhere...

charlie said...

love your stuff darling girl/

charlie said...
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Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

The Blogless Sister :)- Ooohhh my dear:) thank you for stopping by the blog & I agree on your day whole-heartedly :) Do not be a stranger new friend:)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Charlie!!!:)- thank you love!!! How is your garden going? If you get any extra tomatoes, save them for me:) I need them in the worst way:)

The Blogless Sister said...

Hi - not quite a stranger, actually - I have a gnome home at my house in Denmark, and am presently scouring 2nd hand shops for old Danish handkerchiefs

(am just rubbish at remembering to sign my comments ;-)


Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Tine!!:) Well goodness...I did not even know you had a blog:) If you find me Handkerchiefs, I would simply just be overjoyed my dear:) How are you?:)