Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purple Potatoes my Darlin Dear:)

Hellooo my fellow Meadow creatures, Gnomes & Sweet Basil, whom is sweet enough to save me some Blackberries and Apricots from the garden,

Miss Lamb your farmer here:)

Things have been very....oh so at Early Bird Acres:) & oh so lovely:)

Most recently, I harvested Potatoes....purple potatoes to be exact:)

This man..........

Robert Stelle of Sunrise Acres made me fall in love with harvesting Potatoes :)

One day, in a kingdom far far away called sunrise acres, a girl came to capture in her mind and her camera exactly what a farm was....

The Farmer on the Kingdom, Robert, and his lovely wife Barbra, happened to be harvesting sweet potatoes on this particular day of fait:)

Immediately, the young girl tossed her worries and her camera to the side of the rows, and dug all through the red dirt while wearing a cream and peach dress, just to find the treasured Potatoes of Sweet:)

Here is how many we got in a couple of hours:)

Ever since then, the girl has had harvesting potatoes on her mind:)

Here was my Purple potato harvest:)

First...I had the lovely plant:)

....& then with my hands, because I was just to excited, I pulled up the plant and dug a hole....

I did this and exposed my first purple Potato:)!!

Within Seconds, I was filling up my basket....& goodness gracious was I happy:)

What you haft to understand is that I did Harvest 40 pounds of purple potatoes from this particular row...

...but I was just to darn excited and did not document very well:) I did photograph the last 4 pounds in my Oklahoma basket before they were sold to an old man who was having a Crab Boil :) They are in the Oklahoma shaped basket:)

I thought my table was rather cute:) My clover honey I had harvested the week prior looked soooo glowie and lovely:)

Well....we have or Wednesday Farmers market in the morn, so I must go and finish my Amish Friendship Bread, but if you get the chance to stop by my booth in the morn, which is in the town square of Hobart, we shall be setting up at 8am:)

I love you all very much...

The Photo of the day is called "Mending"

Till tomorrow, Till today & the way you sweetly danced with me to Harvest Moon

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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