Friday, June 17, 2011

Friends of the Farm:)

Hellooooo my dear Meadow creatures, Gnomes of the Forest and Sweet Basil, whom knows how to be a Rollie Pollie Farmer:)

Miss Lamb your Dutch German farmer here:)

When living on a farm, you have the great opportunity to host so many diffrent people:) & get to spoil your best friends with home cooked meals and whole-hearted cozy days:)

here is one new friend I made in the Garden yesterday:)

His name is Bernard....& I do not care what anybody says..he is going to be a butterfly...why you may ask?

Because he told me of course:)

I big beutiful peach and purple butterfly, that likes the fiddle:)

But I have just been having a lovely time in the garden:) My place of peace:)

The amazing Jake, my brother and farm hand, is doing just peachie at the homestead :)

I beleive he really enjoys my truck:)

But goodness gracious he has been help....and every new adventure it takes time to settle in....but he is taking to the farm like a duck to the kiddie pool in the chicken run:)

I hosted my best friend and lovely lady Miss Jenny Kress this week also:)

Buster likes her a lot:) Jenny simply means the world and a half to me:)

We all went to a bar in Hobart to scout out a location for me and jake to play bluegrass:)

Jake had fun with Bear...they are becoming good friends :)

I also hosted the amazing Lisa Hatcher this week....but somehow, the only photo I ended up with from our adventures was me taking a mineral bath....Kentucky style:)

nothing like a soapy cold bath on a 105 day:)

I look forward to showing you all many more captures from the homestead very soon:)

For now...go plant a seed.....

go kiss a pretty girl and tell her she means more than this sweet old world....

go bake your man a pie and tell him thank you for loving you so:)

Go pick some berries and apricots and eat them on Cheesecake:)

Potato Harvest, Muddy Knees and wear white the whole of the time,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

The art item of the day:)

"Harmonicas & Honey"

my poetry book:)

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