Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Blossom & A Bloom:)..& a Goat named Bear:)

Hellooo Darlin Dears, Fellow Gnomes, Meadow Creatures & Sweet Basil, whom I would like to go fishing with,

Miss Lamb your local bee keeper and meadow meander-er here:)

Ooohhhh the garden....look at these amazing Pumpkin Blossoms :)

I have been baking cheese in them, and putting them is Salads :) Sooo Good:)

Then we have our First Cantaloupe of Summer:)

And dozens of mini ones forming Daily:)!! Soooo lovely...

...& some peaches...just a few more weeks:) They shall be canned into Jelly..

Then...We have my little Potato Stealer :)

I caught him Red Potato handed :) Ooohhh Bear...

He is spoiled..that is for sure...

Note the milk mouth :)

Well...I plan on enjoying my first days of Summer:) I plan on wearing roses in my hair, lillies on the breast of my dresses and Pumpkin Blossoms behind my ears:)

Did you know.... I love you ?:)

Montana, Almond Milk (South Dakota) & all that makes me smile

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

P.s... The Photo of the day:)

"Can A Picnic Balance On Your Limb My Dear Tree"

P.S.S....Do sign up for my Photography class I am teaching over at Collected Thread this lovely Saturday..I am even baking goodies...& we are having class on blankets:)

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