Sunday, May 29, 2011

My New Farm Hand:)

Hellloooo Meadow Creatures, Darlin Dears, Gnomes & Sweet Basil, whom means more than this sweet old world,

Miss Lamb your Bear Rabbit here,

The summer is coming on....and goodness gracious, things are crazy at the homestead....between the garden, the milking, the watering, the weeding, harvesting honey, soon to be making candles, chickens, baking, Farmers market, doing art, packaging art, art shows, gluing hearts onto mats, & much more...

That is why I am overjoyed I am going to have help:)

My good friend Jake, who is like a little brother who at the same time has a good foot on me, has agreed to help me at early Bird Acres, and that will help me out so much!! He is a very great musician and it will be good to also have someone around to play music with in the evenings :)

He used to keep a show pig or two, and this will help for when I get my pig, which is within a few days. We also plan on raising some heritage turkeys, and this gives me the great opportunity to try a new type of coop:)

I also plan on FINALLY using all of my old windows, and building a mini greenhouse:) I seem to have a knack for growing Herbs from seed:) & I enjoy collecting adorable tiny Terracotta pots to plant them in...... there is something really lovely about a whole greenhouse of Terracotta pots:) Sooo dreamy and whole-hearted :)

Gosh.....the farm really is growing :) We have all kinds of Animals and other lovely things growing, and coming to Fruition :)

I had a very lovely and intense dream last night that I was able to can emotions... as in canning tomatoes or making jam and canning that:) It was very....gosh....well let me just say, I canned all of my emotions :) they all looked very interesting lined up next to one another....

Needless to say, I am writing a poem about it:) & planning a few pictures...


Our picture of the day is "Flour" :)

It is one of my all time favorite captures, and I can not explain to you how much I adore how it looks in a lovely cottage room:) Just breathing all framed in natural pecan or walnut, slightly finished in Bee's wax:)

Well...I wish you all have a lovely day:)

You have no idea how much I love you and adore all that you are :)

Fellow Bear Rabbit, Canning & the joy of roses in mason jars:)

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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