Monday, May 23, 2011

Logic, Learning & Carrots :)

Helloooo my sweet Gnomes, Meadow Creatures of the pathless sorts & that Sweet Basil who still has my heart,

Your Farmer Miss Lamb here:)

It is a common fact that within my friends, I often hold up my hair with a Carrot:)

We have a lot of Carrots on the farm, because not only do I, a Bear Rabbit, like to chew on them...but most of the animals here at Early Bird Acres enjoy them:)

I am also currently having a Carrot growing contest with Sweet Basil...I am sure he is going to win.... his carrot stems are already a good half a foot tall...mine have barley broke 4, he is Magic when it comes to growing things in the garden..

But yes... I often wear carrots in my hair, and recently this resulted in a little hair cut:)

I had just gotten started milking Ohio, when I noticed that her attention had strayed from her feed, to something behind me...

Or at least I thought it was behind me...

It actually turns out, it was me...

Not really me though...more of the edible treat holding up my hair:)

I leaned my head back into milking, to only be yanked back by first, Sweet Basil the baby cow ( not sweet basil the human who has my heart)...& then Ohio, who chopped through the carrot and 4 inches of my hair:) Needless to say, I got a free hair cut...

I went and picked up my gardening scissors and shaped up my nest a bit, but it was simply more comical than anything:)

No bother...I will continue to wear Carrots in my hair, except now I shall be leary around my cows:)

If you folks enjoy the capture, it is for sale in my store:) Right here in fact:)

"Spring, Carrots & You"

"Spring, Carrots & You"

We planted our Carrots In Early Spring

Done so with love & hope beyond hope

A growth that was given songs of crisp rain

The love of Top soil and flowered trees

Fruit given and budding into Optimism

Heavey with curved green and light

Never knowing the carrot though

until pulled from unknowing

Giving in to the joy of Harvest

The joy of you


I wish you all a lovely day:)

Caddo, Kiowa & all that clucks with love,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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