Thursday, May 19, 2011

Handkerchiefs.....sent with Love:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, Canning Crazies & Lovable Bears Rabbit... more bear than Rabbit..

Ooohhhh loves my loves my loves....Life...

As you might have noticed, I have been involving a lot of Handkerchiefs in my recent artwork:)

"...& Then The Strings"

"Blueberry Pie"

"Her Horse & Her Favorite Dress"

Wellllll....this is all part of my newest Installation I am working on called "Bucolic" :)

Now...Here is my lovely request I ask of you...

I need your Handkerchiefs :) & I need a lot of them:)

3,427 To be exact:)

I will be creating a lovely sky with them in fact, in true Sam Lamb form:)

If you know me, than try to hand them off to me when you see me...but if you like...

You can mail them to me:)

I will of course give you or send you a very special gift in return:)

Here is my address, as listed also on my website:)

Early Bird Acres
Samantha Lamb
RR#1 Box 126
Hobart, Ok. 73651

But yes....I will be mentioning this often...very often it might just start invading your random thoughts and I ask of you...

....Send me Your Handkerchiefs because you care.....

"Seasoned Timber"


Pretty Please?

Gosh.....& you can re-post my request on your own blogs, and I will mention it all over my sites:) In order to create the pathless meadow I have in my head, I need your Handkerchiefs.... gosh this is heavy on my heart..

"Whole-Hearted & More Rabbit Than Bear"

You can also make them?:) I am trying to do that too in order to get as many as I need...but the heart that goes into old handkerchiefs is the whole idea of "Bucolic" :)

You my dears.......have a lovely day & I appreciate your kind thoughts & Re-Posting:)

....& if you do re-post, send me an e-mail....

or even if you have any more questions, just holler :) I adore hearing from you:)

Go make some ice cream...

Pancake Strawberry Ice cream, Spring & all that makes me smile

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

"I Saw You As The Day"


JuneMoonToon said...

Still lovin' your photos. I just shared your request, and link, on facebook.!/June.Crawford.Sanders

Good luck with the project.

Laura said...

Goodness! Time has moved too fast for me lately! I am sending 4 hankies through the post today; You'll see a Cowboy on the package. :)