Friday, April 29, 2011

Kind Post by Sleeping At Last

Helloooo my sweet Apricots, Peaches, woodland gnomes & Fellow Meadow creatures,

A send a Bear*Rabbit kiss and hug your way:)

Most recently, one of my good friends, Ryan O'Neal from sleeping at last, posted a very kind mention of the project he helped me with:)

Let me quote a bit for you:)

"in the spring of last year, a good friend of ours named samantha lamb asked me if i'd be willing to write a few short instrumental pieces of music to accompany an upcoming project (which is gorgeous, by the way!) she had been working on, entitled: "the perpetual picnic."

sam is a great friend, a fantastic photographer (she's responsible for many of our press photos, in fact!) and she's an endlessly creative artist who makes really, really beautiful things. needless to say, i gladly accepted the invite and got straight to work.

right around the same time that sam asked me to contribute to her project, the concept of "yearbook" had just begun floating around in my head. we decided to keep the "yearbook" idea quiet for a little while, in order to really think it through before making such a huge commitment... so, when sam's project came along, i figured it'd be as good a time as any to jump head first into writing new music.

"from the ground up" was one of the first pieces i came up with. the version i had sent over to sam was completely instrumental... but very much resembles the overall shape and spirit as it now appears on the "december" EP of "yearbook." as i was writing it though, i had intended to eventually expand on it, with the hopes of using it on "yearbook" collection as a full song, with lyrics... so it was a "two birds with one stone" situation (what a horrible phrase... i like birds.)"

....& Goodness Gracious....the year book project is becoming one of my favorite things in this Sweet Old World:) Just so inspiring and lovely:)

Check it out here:)

You can see the post Right Here if you like:)

.......& of course, the instrumental version of "From The Ground Up" right here:)

I just can not say enough how honored I was to have Ryan create a few songs for my meadow creation.

(I took that capture:)

You are too kind and Dan mean the world and a half (as you know but of course)...I shall see you In C town very soon...& I promise not to bring any clouds:)

Spring, The Dawn, The Day & Sweet Basil

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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