Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Cows & Tilled Gardens :)

Helloooo Darlin Dears & Fellow Meadow Creatures (It has been determined I am a Bear Rabbit;),

Do you folks know how much I have to tell you!!:)

Yes, it is spring my loves....& spring for me means many different projects.... not only am I making many diffrent sketches for this coming season, I am working on very elaborate frames....I have simply fallen head over boots for wood grain!!:)

First of all, I am full on gardening :)

If you can note that red machine looking thing off in the back on the left....that is my amazing....AMAZING....tiller:) This capture was taken a good two months ago....this strip of dirt is now adorned with railroad ties and cinder blocks...(the cinder blocks contain carrots....award winning carrots)...

I have this very interesting habit though of looking out my windows and see a plot of yard I want to be a garden, and then simply going and tilling it up:) garden is like a patchwork quilt:)

But I need many veggies and fruit, because I want to be in the farmers market this year:) This is also giving me the lovely excuse to commision the lovely and amazing Kozue to create a rubber stamp of Harold & Me that I can press onto every letter, package or product I grow here on the farm:) Thank you lovely Elsie for letting me know about this glorious artist:) I was going to do one with me & Fred.....but I think I will save that one for later:) precious pup.....has been with me since the start of this endeavor...he has grown with the farm:) Remember when he was little?:)

Now he is all grown up, and I am feeling about the same:)

Yayy for puppies :)

I am also excited about all the new baby cows:)!! these three ladies are all in the family way right now and about to drop their calves:)

Yes...these are full grown many of you know, we raise lowline cattle (miniature cows).....they are very goofy critters:)

...& we love them sooooo very much:)

That is my Dadio in the captures:)

So expecting many a post very soon:) here are a few of the subjects:)

*Edible Flower Gardens

*Interesting ways to plant lettuce:)

*Watercolor Veggies

*The Art Of Bucolic

*What to do with my extra room!!

*The guest Bedroom of peaches:)

*Why my Carrots will beat sweet basil's carrots:)

*Fencing Fencing Fencing !!:)

*A goat anyone?:)

*What type of instrument are you?:)

*Did someone say giant Bunny?

*Why it is important to name your plants after your friends:)

If any of you folks have an area you would like me to cover blog wise, let me know in your comments:)

Stay tuned for next week, when I give away a print!!!:)

Cheers, Beards & Ukuleles

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


bellacozy/holdfast said...

This farm looks like paradise, and I would love to hear more about any of the above mentioned subjects, primarily rabbits and goats! Also, have you ever tried mushroom cultivation?

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Ya know what....I have a room that everyone says would be perfect for mushrooms...I sure have thought about it:) I am glad you are liking the farm:)

You can call me Tawny.... said...

Oh sweet magical Sam!!!
Kiss those cows for me... because they look so velvety and kissable!