Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Laundry Lines, Sweet Eggs and Circles Of Oak

Helloooo My Darlin Dears:)

Well, Dadio did not get to make it to the farm today....but...he is coming tomorrow and bringing my mother along...not only are we going to put a new laundry line up made out of saved wood...but...we are going to finish cleaning the big metal barn where I am moving all of my wood shop tools:) Lovely lovely:)

It already has a lovely old radio sitting on the counter top of one of the tables, a great stock of old wood and amazing storage:)

Last spring, the band Umbrellas recorded their newest album there....amongst many other places around the farm (including the grain silo) ....but I will get back to the wood shop later:)

So....since the wind was a bit crazy and the light was off and on and I saw rain on the horizon..I did not go to the meadow either...but...I did take the chance to clean some linens and hang them on my old laundry line for the last time:)

I titled it "I Saw You As The Day"...

It has a poem, but I have not finished the poem yet...

After doing the laundry, I had a lovely breakfast of sweet eggs....yes...sweet eggs:)

I have been feeding my chickens the rind of my cantaloupe and their eggs have in return taken on a sweet taste...I prepare them as Eggs in a basket or eggs on toast...with a side of honey and olive oil, fresh fruit and greek yogurt :) yummy:)

I did not spend a lick of time getting ready and such..but...I always wear dresses...I was not running the saw today in the wood shop so I wore but of course a cotton dress all the live long day:)

....& I can not forget my lovely riding boots:)

But....as I was talking about before...my wood shop:)

This fall I shall be working with a lot of raw wood...circles of them my loves:) I shall mount my pictures on top of them:)

Here are some with only minor work done so far:)

Goodness gracious will it be exciting to show you all the final product:) Thank you to Daniel's mom Jennette for the lovely wood:) she fought off spiders for me:)

Well...last but not least...I had time to laugh at my hilarious studio.....such a crazy lovely mess....A pathless meadow in its self:)

I know tomorrow shall be lovely and productive...mostly because of my amazing family who would do anything for me:) even drive two hours to have a laundry line raising party:) Goodness gracious they are great...they have learned that I am not the normal girl....and they have proved to me that they have noticed and love me even more for it:)

I love you family:)

Cheers, Beards & Cellos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Heather said...

What a sweet family you have and no wonder, you are quite the sweet girl! Love all the captures around your pretty little farm. I want some boots like that too!~!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Oooooohhhhhh....YOU are the sweet one...& i still need to send you those captures my dear...I have been crazy busy... goodness gracious:)