Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My New Kitchen Table:)

Ooooohhhh for the love of this Sweet Old World:)

I have been in the market for a new kitchen table for a while now, but as many of you know, I am very pickey when it comes to my antiques:) I have looked high and low...allllllll and there...& everywhere:) But, as if Magic, while out on a stroll one day in the Woodlands of Hobart....I came across a amazing dream that through ways I can never tell, I recieved in the form of a present:) Because I never would have been able to afford it in reality :)

My New Gnome Table:)

I know!!! It looks strait out of Snow White:)

When I saw it, I thought maybe the Gnomes who were going to feast on it a bit later were busy at work Harvesting Cotton or something:)

Speaking of Cotton...Meet my new cat Cotton:)

I know...A bit Ghost like...He is kind of creepy..I am not going to lie...but very lovable...he is the kind of cat that hast to sleep right under your chin or curled against your side... But goodness gracious...he is whiter than my white walls...& creeps around as if running from something I can not see...he has been at Early Bird Acres three days now and he might just need the new name of Powder:)

But yes...The Table...It was made by an Old Man by the name of Donald....I do not know his last name...& he lived in NE Oklahoma:) He made 5 of these tables in his lifetime, and this one was the last he made before he died...

...& I believe he made it for me, and did not even know it...this sweet old world simply sang to him one day "Make this table...Just So"..& he did it:)

But yes..I adore it and can not wait to host my first dinner party with fits perfectly through the front door, so I can carry it into the garden this spring for latenight dinners with Beeswax candles and yummy creations:)

Just tooooo much fun:)


With the continuation of new art lovely days, lets now take a gander at a pretty capture:)

"Her Horse & Her Favorite Dress"

This image was inspired by the book "All The Pretty Horses" and life here at Early Bird Acres :) This is a Handkerchief that goes with my favorite dress and I like to pretend that my sooner or later going to be mine horse is just around the corner... Grazing on some meadow grass just beyond the tree I am laying against:)

Ooohhh Spring....come to my window already:)

Did you know that I love you?:)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Heather said...

Ahhhh! it is SO amazing! What a beautiful table, and how gorgeous...and all handmade? I'm totally jealous! When can I be in this Disney film that is your life ;)

And love your new little kitty! He's like a little Lily of the Valley blossom! Precious....

Vanessa said...

That table is glorious!
I'm jealous.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Heather- yes!!! all hand made.... crazyness I know:) It just fits the house perfectly:)

..& I am glad you like the new kitty...I can't wait for him to put on some weight though:)

Vanessa- hehehe:)

You ladies recovered from Deluxe yet?:)