Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sundays are for Chickens:)

Hellooooo my darlin dears on this lovely Sunday:)

I have added to the Early Bird Acres family and was given 5 Americana Hens:) They are only pullets, but very soon they will be laying up a storm:) The integration process has gone very well and they are well on their way to becoming one happy family in their quaint coop:)

Now I go to you, people of the land, to help me name them:) I asked my friend Daniel to help, but he dropped the ball!!

I shall be introducing one chicken at a time here on my Blog, and first I would like you to meet chicken A... the gray, white and black one:)

I took some pictures of us with photo booth:)

Things you might need to know first is, I name all of my chickens after counties in Oklahoma:)

Click here to see a list of the counties in Oklahoma:)

She is the nicest of the bunch and the most personable :)

Just leave your sugestion of names in my comments:)

Ones I have already used are:

Custer is not useable, because the chicken by that name crossed to the other side:(

Oaky doaky:) Happy deciding :)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


mybrandnewlife said...

Hmm... kinda looks like an Ellis to me. :


Valerie said...

Not gonna be shy about it -- since I'm one of your T-Town fans, I think this gal oughta be named "Tulsey". ;)

Peter said...


Lisa said...

Because she is female and sweet... I would definitely say Kay.

Holly said...

I think she should be named Love, because she's such a little lady. And plus, it would be so fun to refer to her that way. "Come here, Love! It's time for breakfast, Love!" She just seems like a Love to me. ♥

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Ellis....Tulsey....Pushmataha...Kay...& Love...were all good ones:) But she responded to Kay:)

Lisa- you get it this time:)!!