Saturday, January 22, 2011

Days around the farm:)

Sleepy days at that.....

Hellooooo Darlin Dears:)

Well, I have a horrid cold.....that is what I get for trying to build raised beds out in the cold, and lug square bails from the barn as ice hits my face...the things i do for the Garden...oohhhh well.... it will be worth it in the spring.... first to plant.... Carrots!!!

But yes...I have a horrid cold, and before that I caught the Flu that was going around Okc, since i was up here for my birthday and everybody had it....

So....yes....i have been working hard on the farm, but doing so from my couch (glueing thousands of hearts onto boards made of maple and oak).....and the pets have been comical as usual....

Here we have Shotzie....Sleepy Shotzie :)

Then...we have the oohhh so meschevious Cotton....I walked from my studio to see water color footprints all over a old rug....huhh...I wonder who did it?:)

He was just fine that morn...all content at my art studio table...

Then....we have Rosie :) I just adore them all:)

But yes...I promise to post captures soon of my new work:) I promise I promise:)

Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


mybrandnewlife said...

Aw. Cotton with all those colours on his head is just adorable! You really do live in a Disney Universe. ;o)

Kiki x

Leslie said...

I just recently discovered your blog. I love it! What a dreamy life you have--and your photos are beautiful!