Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Lovely Kitchen:)

Helloooooo all of you darlin dears & fellow Gnomes:)

Miss Lamb Here...

....& I bring you my lovely kitchen:)

.....Or at least half of it, for your view pleasure:)

Here is my favorite Apron amongst the over 2 dozen I have hanging around the kitchen:)

....& I wear this apron while fetching fresh raw milk from down the road:) It is always good to have some empty milk bottles on hand:)

I have a few lovely pecan trees just outside of my door, and I have almost collected of 40 pounds from just one of them:)

Luckily the local Farm & Garden will crack them for you for just a quarter a pound:) Shelling though takes the longest ..

Most of my antiques are Dutch in my cottage farm house....& that is most obvious in my kitchen:)

One of my favorite pieces is my salt bowl:) My good friend Deann gave it to me:)

ooohhhhhh...& my adorable wooden plates:)

.......& my favorite two chairs:) they were hand painted by an old man in northern Montana according to my parents... the table they sit at was custom built for my parents when they got their first house:)

You can never have enough Tea Pots:)

......or Roosters:)

Here is my favorite pie plate, for obvious reasons:)

....& some canned jellies and such from the lat 2 years:)

I hope you all enjoyed my kitchen, and be looking for more posts about the lovely homestead:)

I am in full swing when it comes to getting ready for a great show at Cuppies & Joe just before Valentines day:) & of course I am hard at work on Gnome Granary :)

I send more love to you each than you could ever imagine:)

Peaches, Apricots & Happiness

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Tess said...

Oh my, can I PLEASE come cuddle your chicken?

I think the little oil painting is my favorite part. You're just too special. I love your space.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Isn't he adorable:)!! I know I should not have two roosters, but I could not help myself:)

I am glad you like my kitchen...wait till you see the other half love!!:)

Heather said...

Your kitchen is so darned adorable and so you! What a pretty little place :) are you Dutch my girl, or just have an affinity for Holland? My maiden name was Van Winkle, so I love the dutch stuff :)

Some time this year I will see this place in person! And we will pet critters and eat pie in that kitchen ;)

Heather said...
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Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...
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Heather said...

Oh REALLY? Lol, I'm assuming it wasn't the older guy who was set up in front of me? I didnt notice you standing around there anyway, haha!

Leslie said...

Oh, how awesome that you have a rooster on your table! And I'm so jealous of all your pecans. Your kitchen is wonderful--every last detail. I love it all.

tommy said...
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