Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gnome Granary Cottage Style Library:)

My lovely and amazing meadow creatures...Hello there:)

I wanted to give you folks a peak at my which I built from scrap lumber:)

Here is the before picture of that Room:)

.....& here is the lovely after:)

The amazing and lovely Ashley Whiteside came to Early Bird Acres and helped me with the initial design.... goodness gracious is she a helper....I knew what I wanted to do, but sometimes it takes another creative and lovely person to get your creative tandem bike gears going:) We cut & Hammered away:)

First let me show you the shelves overall:)

When We were putting in the windows, I collected the scrap pieces of wood for future use:) Especially with my cottage library in mind:) I am also eventually putting in flower boxes:) Holler if you have any idea for colorful flowers that can go inside the cottage:)

Now for the art of the college:)

"Green With Words Unsaid"

I found two adorable red lanterns to hang on either side:) If you enjoy the capture, click here to get a print:) If you like the framed piece as a whole, click lovely here then:) This is the Deers favorite piece....they told me just now:)

The piece is mounted on a lovely piece of 2ft x 2ft piece of birch... I had a lovely time creating it...the knots within the piece are some of the most unique ones I have found:)

next lovely Library piece:)

"...& She Read" magical spring......

In the meadow just to the East of my cottage....
....The spring rain came more sweet than Ever & turned the grass into a blanket:)

I remember waking up that early spring morn, and my mother was visiting the farm:) I made myself a cup of coffee and walked outside....

My heart was humbled to it's pastel chambers, and I was simply in a perpetual Waltz..... The meadow was so lush, and the dew was so thick, I could see the rainbows forming across it's arching green from my front porch:) I grabbed my camera and ran towards the meadow with one of my favorite books in hand:)

This is one of the captures that came of that morn:)

I have a few lovely prints of this capture here at Early Bird Acres, and the original framed 16x20 piece can be fond right here:) about we look at the lovely porcelin pieces upon the Library shelves:)

First, their is Barton the Gnome, reading all who come to listen a lovely tale:)

He is actually a light too:) I have just not put electricity inside of the cottage yet....that shall be a mid spring affair:)

I got him from Urban Outfitters:)

Then there are my owls:)

All the rest of the clay and porcelin creations came from another farm not 10 miles from my own:) the woman that lives there, and her daughter, gave them too me :) It is a adorable story if you have a short minute to listen to it...

In a nut shell, the woman who lives there is very creative...amazing painter and potter....her husband knew that she loved making art, so he drug an entire house onto their farm, which would be her art studio:) It was a surprise:)

You walk into the little art house, and it is covered in her pottery creations.... & I was given whatever my little heart wanted...I felt very lucky:)

So first, I choose these guys:)

What library is complete without one of these gents looking over your novels and well worn and loved on covers:)

Then...there are my lanterns:)

I want more...I for sure want more:) I just need time to collect them:)

I am almost finished with this room, and I feel very accomplished to have built the Library... Many more projects ahead of me:)

Be looking for more cottage posts:) I send all of my love darlin dears:)

I adore you all more than words can say:)


Cheers, Beards & Banjos

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


rileyjoejantzen said...

I am a fan of this.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Riley:)!!- Thank you my friend:) slowly but surley ya know:)

Ashley Whiteside said...

Sam!! It looks so good! And gosh -- I knew you said you collected vintage books, and that I'd seen a lot inside the house, but this is way more than it seemed! Fills so space so magnificently. It's all grand. Just grand!

Also, thanks for your kind words. :) It was a fun, beautiful day that left me with some pictures of this crazy treehugger...????

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Ashley---oohh gosh..I forgot about those pictures..I probably look as if I had been rolling around in a meadow with a bear:)

I am glad you enjoy it:) gosh I can not wait to do the rest:)!! I need a dang mattress:)

garyw.roberts said...

I am amazed to see what you have done out of scrap wood, you have done an outstanding job. There's no ceiling on what you can create when you put your mind to it, so never, never let anyone put up a box around you.