Monday, February 7, 2011

My new (& amazingly free) Gnome Granary Furniture:)

My handsome meadow creatures and lovely meadow flowers....Hello:)

Last week, on a very tiny budget, I set out on a quest for some new (to me) furniture for Gnome Granary.....I had no colors in mind and such, so I thought whatever pieces I found would inspire me:)

As if fait, I found a few on my first try :) I felt very lucky:)

First, is the couch :)

I did not know how I felt about the colors and such, but once I had brought it home, I was very inspired:)

The colors in the guest cottage will be worn copers and gold....morning peaches and basket woven light brown.... I am thinking wheat, peaches, copper adornments, jars of milk and ripe fruit overall:) Plus, stacks and stacks of seasoned Red Cedar:)

Next....The Orange Chair:)

It is a very classic form, so I think with a hand sewn Gnome pillow and a hearty quilt draping it's arms, it will be just peachy in the Library :)

It looks very nice with the "Loved On" walls:)

Last, but not ever least...a Library Chair Ladder:)

...I was also very distracted with the sliding door right behind it when I was taking the picture:) I adore the cottage more and more every day:) I mean come on!!! That panelling !!:)


Above all I was honored because the antique shop owner GAVE it all to me:) He appreciates the fact that I bake him pies on random occasions and this was his way of saying thank you:) I felt very fortunate:) Luckily, my amazingly old and lovely chipped white chevy did the trick of bringing it home:)

If any of you have any links for me for possible design ideas for the cottage, do holler:) I could use them....


life on the farm is sooooo darn busy right now...on the nice days without snow or extreme wind, I till up the ground, build raised beds, clean around Gnome Granary....all kind of things:)

I would appreciate though your tiny kind and whole-hearted thoughts....I have a few very VERY important decisions coming up, and though I can not talk about them just right now, know that they are all across the believe that kind thoughts said aloud into the morning or silently towards open windows, can really I ask for those.....I ask for whole-hearted those...

......I have also been dreaming about baskets of vegetables and scketching out photo ideas with them:)

I wish you all a whole-hearted day:)

Bundles of Carrots, Beds of Poppies and Boxes of Cedar

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Holly Hall said...

Can't wait to see it all finished! Good thoughts headed your way.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Holly!!:) your words and thoughts mean a lot:)

rileyjoejantzen said...

I adore that sofa.

mybrandnewlife said...

That looks like an incredibly comfy couch (for an afternoon snooze). And that stair chair is just the best thing ever!

Jolly thoughts of fruit and freebies are your as ever Honey Lamb. :O)


Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Riley:)!!-we need to do our promo shoot brother:) & I am glad you enjoy the Sofa:) You basically melt into it:) Now I just haft to sew a new mattress for the inside:)

MyBrandNewLife-I am glad we feel the same way sir...... I hope you are well... You should e-mail me soon sir:)

Leslie said...

Everything is lovely. The library stair chair is especially awesome. I love the old wood on the walls (so much character!) and that you got your furniture in exchange for pies (too cute!).

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Leslie- ooohhhh thank you dear:) you are too kind:) & i was taken off guard...I just enjoy giving him pies and such because he appreciates them so very much...& I guess kind deeds can sometimes pay off:)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...
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