Friday, July 13, 2012

The Farm Bill Meeting:)

Hello my darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that hide in the love grass & you wonderful Gnomes who are helping me finish up with carrot harvest & spreading a fresh bed of hay in the barn for Ohio's soon to be baby,

Miss Lamb your lady of the land & meadow meanderer farmer here,

So... the oh so important meeting concerning the Farm Bill was this past Wednesday :) At the lovely Oklahoma headquarters for Congressman Frank Lucas

It went really... really... well:) I brought them Eggs...

All of our issues were heard, talks of heritage cattle & pigs was laughed over...Wendell Berry was kindly spoke of.... I actually remembered over half of the abbreviations and full names for the different programs in the Farm Bill, and talk about them in detail!!

I just wanted to do my best to represent the Young Farmers of Oklahoma & beyond....

I appreciate every letter that was put into the pond of amazing words for Lucas:)

Your words were heard & well received... very poignant letters my love:)

(pictured above is Garret King- Ag Liaison for Lucas)

Classic "Handing over of the letters" capture:)

In addition, read this lovely story written by Mountain View native & Hobart resident, James Vernard. All about the CSP program:)


Things are well on the farm.... just really busy with pen building, cottage garden creating, barn cleaning & future planning:)

We are all still waiting very patiently for Ohio to have her Calf... here udders began to swell about 5 days ago, so any day now!!:)

Do you folks have any suggestions for flowers for the new Cottage Garden?:) Oklahoma weather tolerant?:)

I promise to keep yall up to date:)

I send a kiss to each of your foreheads....

Eggs, lace dresses and skirts turning into baskets,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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