Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Full Moon:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that linger into the still hours of night and you precious Gnomes who guide me back to bed when I have been sleep walking,

Miss Lamb your wolf of the meadow & milk maid of the Morn here,

Milking has been going fantastic thus far with Ohio:)

Coriander sits around, or runs through the group of chickens that gather to peck at the stray bits of grain:)

A very cute site actually... he really does frolic:)

In addition, since I am sure you all want to know, I got a pair of Sunglasses...

I really do not wear Sunglasses, but these were just to cute to pass up:)


27 is a very special #...& it also happens to be my age...

I am working on a series of poems based off of my study of Wolves & my time in the meadow... I hope to share with you all these various poems as I write them... I would love your feedback:)

"Full Moon"

Hunter whole-hearted, A Wolf well spoken she sings
The half moon found in the curve of her side
Laying amongst the harvest of the Full

A Cold wind sweeps the whole of the Stemmed Blue
Needed Thunder and warm Red embroidered upon the night
The Doe and the Buck find form of Full amongst the Hay

On looking tree’s filled with Sap beacon the sweet
Complete crowns of Strawberries wrap every blanketed word
Sacks of Grain Laden lay Full and flowing from the fields

A Hunger quenched upon the ground well seen
Fox and Hair found within a night of harvest Glean
The maid runs through cloth the Full pail of Milk made Clean

(It is based off of my study of the Moon's different names)

With that, I wish you all a lovely day & I look forward to chit chatting very soon,

Cream, Caring & Coriander,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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