Saturday, October 13, 2012

CSA or Bust my darlin dears:)

Hello my Darlin dears, wonderful meadow creatures that nestle close to the heavily wooled sheep & you adorable Gnomes that do the same,

Miss Lamb your fanciful farmer and forager of hopefully edible items here,

Fall is setting in at the farm.. some days are balmy and some days are set with chill...

A few of these are being harvested...

Yes.... Carrots:) & i eat them with the dirt still on the flesh... 

...I also got one of these Yesterday:) & a pillow from my lovely friend Oh Honey Child!!

Yes, the pillow does say "I'm Your Huckleberry" & yes I am a Daisy:)

The stove is simply a blessing.... the very first winter I lived in my little farm house I was Frozen in for 3 weeks until I was rescued, but I will save that for another post:)

I was very deep into contemplation last night... I put on Gene Autry... poured myself a glass of wine & fired up the stove for the first time... Heaven upon Heaven upon Wine:) I also strode outside in the dark and dug my hands into a patch of rich soil and pulled forth a nice and supple carrot... I found a comfy niche inside my reading chair and settled in with my dirt carrot, and alternately ate carrot & drank wine, while wiggling my toes in front of the wood burning stove... the house smelt of burning pecan and mesquite :)

What was I thinking about you might ask?

I was contemplating early spring and how heavy I want to dive in:)

At the beginning of every spring I am faced with a decision... How much do I want to plant? Because I shall be the only person to tend those veggies and harvest the bounty... How many milk cows can I handle, because I will be the only milkmaid to tend to those full utters? How many pigs should I raise this time, because I will be their only care giver?

My eventual dream is to carry on with my art, but be successful in providing at least 10 families in a complete CSA ... Dairy, Honey, Veggies, meat & some kind of fruit:)

CSA is a abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture...

I have the community, but my darlin dears, I am only one person..

I am only 27...
I am a single farmer with scarce help and even scarcer love life:)

Hahahahaha.....oh goodness gracious... I sat there with my wine and carrot and annotated thoughts in the air with my carrot while swishing around my wine... then let Harold have a bite of the Carrot:) very classy Sam Lamb..

Never have I been afraid of hard work, but gosh... I treasure those solo trips to the city to see my friends (who should really come see me more often:) & those sparse times I have art shows out of state and I get to gaunt away, but I live in a whole-hearted world of give and take...

Cows do not wait for anyone:)

But, I am here to say, next spring I hope to start a small scale CSA for my community of it runs me ragged.... Why you ask? Well, the hard work is very attractive to me & in those moments of repose where my back aches and my wrists hurt so bad from milking 4 gallons of milk I am unable to open my front door or get stuck in the bathroom because my wrist will not turn to open the dang door (it has happened), I look towards the mountains and know that I am in the place that makes me happy beyond reason, & every day it grows... I often wear a vial of wildflower seeds around my neck to remind me of that very thing:)

I invite you to join me on this comical adventure, and feel free to visit me at Early Bird Acres any time you wish to shovel manure build fence and love on some hilarious animals... I promise to make you a nice dinner, and you two are welcome to eat Carrots covered in dirt my loves...

Also, before I forget, I am hosting a Radio show on that you can stream from your computer at 8am central time on Sundays or tune into KOSU at 7pm on Sundays :) 91.7 OKC or 107.5 Tulsa :) you can also stream that online at :)
It is called "Songs From The Plains" & I think you will like it:)

I hope you all have a lovely Week and I send love & balmy indian summer your way,

Butternut Squash, Stone & wood burning stoves,

Yours Truly,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


bromeleighad said...

Do you have mesquite trees on your land? I didn't realize that they grew this far north.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

I do I do:) lots of them :)

bromeleighad said...

That's great, they are one of my favorites. :). What about huisache?

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

I wish we did.... I adore those trees:)

Melinda Hamilton Hunter said...

Loved your honesty , dear girl.