Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet... My Family:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that are making homes inside of the trees for the winter & you adorable Gnomes who are making wreathes of Acorns for my head,

Miss Lamb your lady of the land, lover of wine and soil & your devoted Farmer here,

I wanted to start a new addition to the Early Bird Acres blog:)

No often do I talk about my Human family... I chit chat about the animals all the time, but not the loving family of present day and past:)

As of late, I have been going on an meadow meandering of what my house used to look like. Being my  farm is over 100 years old, it is a great opportunity :)

I shall be introducing a capture at a time and telling you about the people in the capture....

Here we go <3 p="p">

The Tractors name is Smoothie... & the lovely folks in the capture are my great Grandparents Annie & Jake :)

They were plowing this day in late summer... just east of the house...

My Great Grandparents built the house I live in, and I am thrilled to carry on the farming tradition <3 p="p">

We of course still have this tractor... & plan on getting it restored soon:)

I wish you all a lovely day, and do not forget to hop skip over to my Photography site and see some new captures !!

Fall, Falling & Foundling Cottage Children (Such as I),

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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