Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another lovely class at collected thread:)

Helloooo Darlin Dears, Meadow creatures that are looking forward to a good harvest moon (as am I) & the gnomes in my garden who were kind enough to not only pick all of my weeds, but then feed them to the pigs:)

Miss Lamb your pie baking and Oklahoma loving farmer here:)

this post is short today, but I wanted to inform you all that I shall be teaching another class over at collected thread this coming September :)

Sept. the 24th to be exact:)

Go here for more info:)

Our theme shall be Harvest....so be prepared to bare fruit:)

Ok...there is no need to go as far as I do...but at least have a lovely time:)

Lobsters that were the size of ships, the mask you wear to bed & telling me in your sleep you want to plant me an oak tree,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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Carrie said...

I took your last class at Collected Thread and it was fabulous! I recommend it to anyone! By the way, you got me inspired to get my work together and finally put it online. I've sold two photos so far! Very exciting! (www.africaaffection.com)