Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Year In The Knigdom:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow creatures whom enjoy a dip in the pond & the Gnomes who are kindly watching the baby ducks today,

Miss Lamb your hidden nest finding Farmer here:)
(sometimes in my hair...sometimes in the hay...sometimes in a tree)

The heat is supposed to dip under 100 next lovely week:)

...& I hope to finally get work done on the cottage and the new gardens:)

I think a lot about time...where you want to spend you want to spend it...with whom you want to spend it...I sure try my hardest to give it whole-heartedly :) I do I do....

It has been a blessing to meet so many other farmers and spend time at their homesteads...especially my old man club:)

So....I signed up for a Pintrest account and I have been meandering around:) Only for a few moments so far, but the first place I went to I found all kinds of lovely items:)

Here is a great inspiration for the future Cottage garden....the dream is to have everything in it edible...that means lots of edible flowers:)

I love how they divided all of the sections with long logs and such:)

Just dreamy:)

...& look at this dreamy little nook...I love the cream color:)

...& again....I adore the open and airy feeling of it all:)

The wood in the cottage is a almost dark cherry though....& I do not plan on painting it all that much...maybe one or two walls....but I like the natural feel... Like this:)



I plan on putting in a cobblestone floor in the last room and some sort of porch out the back of the cottage:)

If any of you have any lovely captures to inspire my brain, please post them in the comments:) I would deeply appreciate that Darlin Dears:)

I look forward to seeing what my effort can do for this lovely homestead, and I am glad you folks are along for the ride:)

...& if you plan on visiting Early Bird Acres any time this fall, do let me know:)

I sure as the day do love you...

Yours Truly,

Baby Pigs, The on-coming fall & The garden we will hopefully plant together,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Capture Of The Day:)

"Trees Grow Just So"

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