Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lovely Fall Squash Soup:) a pumpkin:)

Helloooo my Darlin Dears, fellow meadow creatures whom sing in the morn and the Gnomes who woke me up this morn with you folk dancing on my tin barn,

Miss Lamb your peach pie and honey harvesting farmer here:)

Well, today I am spending the day trying to get ready for Dust Bowl Arts Market :) I am packaging prints, making sure I have someone to watch the farm and comically seeing how much I can fit in my car (thank you ahead of time to Sweet Basil for helping me unload my car on Saturday...that is my least favorite part)....

Plus..I am looking forward to seeing all of you:)

Since I knew it was going to be a super bust week, I decided to make a bunch of soup I could consume all week long:)

So I made Fall Squash Soup...& took photos while doing so:)

First....I had to choose a pumpkin, which would be used as a bowl:)

Isn't it adorable?:)

Next...I needed to find the correct lovely and tender yellow squash from the garden:)

Then...I picked a dang onion...

Next....I lined up my squash and weighed them to make sure I had enough:)

If you would like to know the recipe, go here & remember...more BUTTER that you need to add a half a pound of fresh pumpkin when you toss in the squash :) That is what makes it "Fall" squash Soup"

...again....get the lovely recipe right here:)

Then I started in on my lovely pumpkin bowl (mind you...I use about a half a pound of the pumpkin in the dish..scoop it:)

Step one....draw a line and cut at an angle, so that your bowl will have a lip:)

Step Two...lift up lid and begin to scoop out inside (I recommend a ice cream scoop)

Step three....once your pumpkin is clear of seeds, you have scoop out a half a pound of pure pumpkin flesh and you have made your soup....fill er' up :)

...& here was the lovely dinner:)

Hand Churned Butter...White wine....cracked pepper bread....oohhh so yummy after a hard days work:)

I am bringing a few pumpkins with me to the Dust Bowl Arts Market this Saturday :)

I hope you all go and cook something creative my darlin dears:)

I love you:)

Picnics of perfection, dancing in the grass and standing in cobbelstone rivers,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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