Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm In The Orchard...

Helloooo My Darlin Dears, Fellow Meadow Creatures who I sent to gather Walnuts & My sweet Gnomes who I promised to bake an apple pie with this afternoon,

Miss Lamb your home sweet Home Farmer here,

My feet are now back on Red Dirt & I am home:)

After the adventure of Monroe, Holcomb & Stanley getting out for a few days while I was in Portland, it feels good to be back at the homestead :) I am in the process of adopting a whole family of Chickens and Ducks, & ordering a bunch of Babies:)

But....Before I dive back into lovely farm life, I would like to show you a few captures from my trip over the next few days:)

First, Here is the lovely Family I was staying with while I was in Portland:)

Nora, Colin & Ivy:)

(It was actually poring down rain in this capture:)

We Stayed in a Yurt on the coast & had an amazing time with music, cheese & various other forms of happiness:) I also wanted to take the time to say thank you again to my amazing loves Nora, Ivy & made my trip oh so amazing and I feel honored to have you in my life....Nora...I am so proud of you...& I am so excited for you and Colin... You sure as the day mean the world and a half, and I am looking forward to helping you out in any way I can (Even if it is just designing your dress tags:)

I also had the pleasure of going to an apple orchard over on Mount Hood... a classic drive known as the fruit loop:)

There Were Green Apples:) (Honey Crisp ready for Harvest)

There Were Red Apples (Johnathan's & Gala In Harvest)

I had no idea there was literally an apple called "Giant Apples" & they were the size of 4 apples together:)

...& thanks to our good friend Chase, we were able to get lots of captures of us picking apples:)

My Goodness gracious...I shall haft to split my Apple Harvest captures up into two posts:) soooo many captures:) I shall post more on the morrow:)

......OOOHHHH...& a big thank you to all of the folks who sent me Handkerchiefs while I was away:) I came home to a bakers dozen packages and I nearly cried:) All of your support and kindness means the world and a half....Things as of late with the drought and coyotes has been tough, but my darlin dear friends are what make me smile....if you sent me a few while I was away, be prepared to recieve a lovely package in the mail:) I am sure me and the Gnomes will be up all night packaging prints and presents:) We will be fueled by the cider that was left in a Jug on my front porch by my old men (thank you Pavil... I will see you on the morrow for Breakfast, because I assume you will be coming over for apple crisp:)

Ha...& I almost forgot..this really happened:)

..I asked Chase to hand me my I-Pad so I could Instagram a capture of apples, & I was confronted with this lovely image..we could not stop laughing:)

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday...I am spending the day with my is his Birthday:)!!

Embroidery, Opaque Cotton & the fall colors that make me smile,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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