Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lovely Downtown Portland Farmers Market:)

Hello My Darlin Dears, the meadow creatures who are helping me weed the garden & those bearded Gnomes who are out gathering chesnuts for the pigs,

Miss Lamb your tree climbing farmer here,

It was truly an honor to attend the Portland farmers market....it was at the top of the Que for me during my trip:)

Here are a few captures:)

The Carrots in Oregon are fairytale:)

I imagine with the rain fall those folks recieve, and their amazing soil....it is the perfect situation for Fairytale Carrots :)

...I fell in love with this guy:) I wanted to give him a big hug:)

We talked about goats...our love for goats...& goat cheese:) Note the little girl in his advertisment kissing a goat...Similar to this capture?:)

We also talked about his milking system...

It seemed lovely:)

The Brussel sprouts were abounding:)

Of Course...lots of Apples & Pears:)

This pepper guy made me smile while he was roasting:)

The Eggplant sure were Pretty :)

The Hops were in Season:)

Fresh Flowers:)

Gorgeous Garlic:)

This Green bit of Heaven.... Ficoide Glaciale.... I only want to eat this:) Does anyone know where I can get this seed?:)

...& The Berries..I walked around the whole of the time with a Pint of Grapes:)

So needless to say....it was oh so good:)

Thank you fellow farmers for the lovely morn:)

I sure do love you Folks:)

Old Books, feathers Quills & a morning of Letter Writing,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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Anonymous said...

That has just made me so hungry! :)