Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Portland bound:)

Hello my darlin dears, meadow creatures of the red wood forest & the ooohhhhh so kind gnomes who are watching after the farm while I am gone,

Miss lamb your ocean loving farmer here,

Sorry I have been gone this week... I had a lovely show in Tulsa, America :)

I ate brunch with some lovely people....

...& I went and saw a guard dog and some goats:)

Now....I am off to Portland lovely oregon for a whole darn week:)

I signed up for that lovely little app called instagram under the handle name of early bird acres:) & I hope to share with you all my adventures through that :)

I am going for all kinds of reasons...art, friends...local cuisine.... & I look forward to telling you darlin dears all about it:)

So...you sweets have a lovely week and I shall be chatting soon:)

I really do love you... I send kisses to your cheeks and forehead :)

Picking apples, sleeping in yurts & loving the simple picnic basket more than you can imagine:)

Miss samantha Joelle honey lamb

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The Blogless Sister said...

Ooooh PORTLAND!!! I love that city! Go to the Saturday Market by the river. If you see a stall that sells elephant ears, have one for me. Half maple syrup, half marionberry. Tillamook ice cream is the best. And there's a sports bar near the Residence Inn at River Parkway, where John the bartender makes fabulous martinis. Enjoy!!!
Autumn hugs from Tine in Denmark