Wednesday, September 7, 2011

..another lovely day on the farm:)

Hello my darlin dears, meadow creatures of the old elm and the precious Gnomes who helped me bake some cookies for the pigs and feed some alfalfa to the cows:)

Miss Lamb your tree climbing and greenhouse loving farmer here,

As mentioned in my last post, I had my friend Amy came out to the farm and we had a lovely day:)

When any two girls get together to have a fun time, of course they pose for the camera:)

Witness my shutter bug ways:)

Here is a classic pose/capture:)

Here is a goofy Kissee face capture:)

Here is a wind blown capture (Hey..we are in Oklahoma...wind is as common as love)

....& Amy took some captures of me while I was not aware..I thought she was just looking at the screen that anwry girl:)

Note the three gold dots above my head...those are honey jars but of course:) wait till you see the finished product:) I had to bring the truck so I could reach a certain lovely branch:)


She also helped me take some captures of the fruit that sprouted from my hair...I thought It needed to be captured:)

Title:"Hiding Deer From The Hunt"

Hiding Deer From The Hunt Part I

Hiding Deer From The Hunt Part II

They are not available online just yet...they are actually special for something I shall announce on Monday of next week:) You are going to love it!!:)


Be on the look out for lots more art:) I am so excited to show you what I have been working so hard on:)


....& as a side note, their are two very special people in my life that deserve lots of love today:)

Congrats to the Amazing and talented Ryan O'Neal from Sleeping at last for completing the yearbook project:) I am simply over the moon and back to the morn for you my dear friend:) The whole project has been very inspiring for myself and many more light loving listners out there:) you did it brother!! I am glad I know you and I am glad we both love nature:)

..& a big congrats to my lovely friend Lindsay Zodrow of Collected thread.... it is their 3 year anniversary and they are doing such a great job:) Lins.....I am very proud of my dear are one of the hardest workers I know:) You are very creative and always inspire me to try something new:) I love you darlin dear and am glad you are in my crazy life:)

...Go kiss someone em you love em....

Truly Yours,

The Beginning, the garden & looking forward to holding your hand,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


The Blogless Sister said...

It looks warm+sunny in Oklahoma! Over here, across the Atlantic, it's now proper Autumn with rain, gusts of wind, grey clouds travelling across the sky at great speed. Time to make soup and cuddle up with quilts and woolen socks :-) and check out my favorite Oklahoma blog
:-) from Tine, Denmark

Katherine Ross said...

I especially love the wind-blown photos... so lovely :)

Hiding Deer From The Hunt Part II is absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how you do it!! And you always have such wonderful lace-trimmed dresses that I am always so envious of! :)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Tine!!:)- Well..we are finally falling into cooler weather...lovely and will be a great indian summer:)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Lovely katherine:)- I am glad you like the capture...It will be avaliable soon in the store:) Ooohh my lace dresses...I look high and low for them :) It is usually love at first sight :)